Where do I begin?

So much has happened in the last few weeks/months that I can’t even remember where I left off. I know I plied you with a give away this week, so go win some cake pops!

I know I casually mentioned Melissa’s surgery in the protection gator post. Little did we know that was really only the beginning of the medical drama saga.

Three and half weeks after the initial surgery (which was planned because of some abdominal pain) and one day after the protection gator post, the abdominal pain returned and we landed in the ER that night, they admitted her, did emergency surgery two days later and didn’t let her come home for four more days.

I’m so glad I bought the protection gator when I did…I didn’t know how much Loren would need him!

I’m so thankful for an Aunt who will drop whatever she’s doing and come sit at our home until two in the  morning (on a work night) so we don’t have to wake Loren up and take her to a gross hospital.

I’m thankful for the other Aunt who tried her hardest to make sure Loren’s routine didn’t get totally out of whack and allowed to me to spend time waiting with Melissa while they figured out what was wrong.

I’m thankful for my in laws who dropped everything they were doing, drove six hours and even brought a recliner for Melissa to sleep in when she came home.

I’m thankful for my Mother in Law who is still with us and has taken Melissa to doctors appointments when I couldn’t get away from work, been a champion laundry doer, and amongst other things has been Loren’s “best fwiend”.

I’m thankful for a slew of nurses (happy nurses week!) who went above and beyond from hour one to hour twelve of each of their shifts.

I’m thankful for a surgeon who was patient and didn’t give up until she found a solution, even if it required completely opening Melissa up to do it.

Of all these things, I’m thankful that Melissa seems to be on the mend. She certainly has a long way to go and lots of healing left to do, but improvements are being made everyday.  I hope this pattern continues and that the doctor has truly figured it all out this time.

I’m not sure who was more pitiful during the hospital stay – Melissa because she couldn’t see Loren or Loren because she hadn’t seen mommy in a week.  I do know that kids are smart, they are intuitive and it’s tough to hide emotions from them. Loren is very aware of Melissa’s limitations, she rarely asks her to do anything, she’s gentle when she is near her and frequently asks  “I see your big boo boo mommy?” (and then says “eww das gross…pft..pftt…pft”.).

My mother in law is going home tomorrow, I’m sure she misses her bed, her husband, and her life. I know three girls who definitely going to miss having her around – we’ve yet to decide who is going to miss her more!


It’s time for a giveaway…and it’s the best kind – an edible give away!

A few Halloweens back I decided I was going to make cake pops for our work Halloween party. Total fail. I learned from this experience that I can’t melt chocolate to save my life, and so now I leave the cake poppery to the professional.

Lucky for me, I have a professional in my friendship arsenal!

Meet Vanessa, owner of and baker at Nessa’s Sweet Bites.

A little about my friend:


Vanessa has always enjoyed creating new recipes and baking for all her loved ones. This was a hobby of hers for as long as she could remember. At her full-time job during the day, requests for her delectable sweet treats where becoming more frequent and well received. At the suggestion of a co-worker to go into business and to join in on some Etsy meetings, Nessa’s Sweet Bites was created. They are based in sunny Southern California, this shop ships all over the United States thanks to the ease of Etsy.

Nessa’s Sweet Bites started out with making cake pops mostly but there is definite growth in the sweets inventory and will soon include brownies, cookies and other smaller bite size treats and “JAR O’ CUPCAKES” which is a delicious cupcake and creamy frosting in a jar!

The home based bakery uses the finest ingredients for the best quality of our baked goods. Everything is made to order and very fresh. Every order is delicately made not only for the presentation but also for scrumptious results.

It was a long time getting to this point but it’s a challenge and a job that this shop is up for taking and excited to go on this baking journey.

Are you sold? Want a half dozen peanut butter cup cake pops of your very own?

After all, the Peanut Butter Cup Cake Pops  is a truffle on a stick! Homemade chocolate cake made with the best ingredients like Ghirardelli cocoa, organic eggs and rich creamy homemade Peanut Butter frosting. Dipped in dark chocolate and topped with assorted designs (including peanut butter drizzle and mini reese’s peanut butter cups). Packaged in a box and delicately decorated.

To enter the contest, comment below and tell me what your favorite cake is. Bonus question: have you ever failed (like I did) trying to make cake pops (or other desserts).

Contest closes Sunday at noon pacific time (winner be ready to send me your address, pops will ship out Monday!), One entry per reader, ships to the United States Only, if you a peanut allergy walk away…sorry friends!

And the winner is…

Contest Winner

Congratulations Kristy!

Clingtastic Protection Gator.

This morning Loren was so clingy. She would not let Aunt Kitty touch her, she screamed as if she’d been attacked by a polar bear (I’ll get to that), and only wanted me.

So I dressed her, knowing I would be late for work, I did it anyway. When Aunt Kitty tried to take over and do her hair, another fit. What the hell, I’m already late, so I did her hair. THEN, she needed me to walk her to Aunt Kitty’s car AND strap her in. Because, I haven’t lived until I’ve squeezed my wide load into the back of a little sports car, trying to manipulate a toddler into her car seat. Well, I survived (and I’m not walking around with a little car attached to my rear!).  Loren decided it was ok for me to leave and announced “I’m safe Mama” as I was walking away.

It was one of the hardest mornings we’ve had. Sometimes she resists my leaving, but she usually copes pretty well.

Here’s the thing. Melissa had surgery, 3 weeks ago yesterday and hasn’t been able to lift or play or well, much at all and it will be like that for several more weeks. Then, Aunt Kitty was gone for Spring Break – so Loren has been getting a lot of Mama time (A LOT!) and she knows I’m the weak one. I’m the one who wants to give her what she wants and she senses that with her super toddler power.  She’s been getting so much Mama time, I’m all she wants…I sort of enjoy it, but I’m also exhausted beyond belief.

Sunday night she was convinced there was a polar bear after her. We haven’t read or watched anything polar bear related. The ice machine dumped ice and she exclaimed  “DID YOU HEAR THE POLAR BEAR GROWL???” (Umm…what?). That night, she was scared to go to bed, she wanted to sleep in “mama bed” (I didn’t let her…I know you were thinking “she is weak so she let her”) and she absolutely HAD to sleep with her alligator. Mind you, the alligator is plastic and small…but I rolled with it. 20 minutes in, she couldn’t find the alligator (she was sitting on him) and again begged to sleep in my bed. I compromised and gave her a new night light (that she loves so much she has altered the direction in which she sleeps to be closer to it!). She slept great after that, until 4:40 am, when again she couldn’t find the damn alligator (it was by her foot this time…), she went back to sleep once I retrieved him.

A friend told Melissa her son has been sleeping in her bed for 2 months because of his sudden fear of everything. I think I’ll take my current scenario to that any day.

Today,  I ordered a plush alligator. Protection gator to the rescue!

Just a baby bumble bee..

Have you ever told your kid something and immediately regretted it?

Since Spring has sprung the flowers in Southern California are in full bloom, those flowers are constantly buzzzzzzzzing. Since Loren loves to play in the area where the buzziest bushes are, we warned her that there are bees and she needed to stay away from them for a while.

Which resulted in this conversation or something just like it, everyday for 2 weeks.

Me: Let’s go to the car.

Loren: I can’t, I scared of da bees.

Which resulted in a lot of “it’s ok, mama/mommy/aunt kitty will protect you” conversations.

Over the weekend, it escalated.

Loren: Come outside (on the patio) with me…I scared of the LADY BUG.

Me: Umm…lady bugs are nice.

Loren: The oly poly will get me.

Me: Umm…roly polies are also nice…

Yesterday, Melissa told Loren something that rocked her world, which resulted in her telling me this: “Mama, I not scared of da bumb bees, they make honey!”.

Kid loves honey.


I should also note that she would not walk past the buzzing bushes without holding my hand yesterday when we took Boston for a walk.