>Loren is growing up so fast! Next week she’ll be NINE MONTHS OLD!

She pulls herself up on everything and loves to stand and she’s finally figured out how to get down! So, there’s no more crying when she starts to “feel the burn”!!! She’s also started to slow scoot along the edge of the couch!

She’s learning new things everyday! When she goes for the dogs bowl I say “Loren, that’s not yours” and she stops and looks up at me as if to say “I’m not going to touch it Mama…until you turn around”…

Shes started waving goodbye and hello! She gives the best sloppy, slobbery kisses and she makes a beeline for me the second I walk in the door from work!

One of my favorite things around our apartment are the smudges on the mirrors in her bedroom where she’s been sitting in front of her closet kissing herself!

I’ll have to put her on the scale before her 9 month owl photo because I’m serious she’s grown like a week recently!!!

We are walking on Sunday in AIDS Walk OC if anyone else wants to donate! We’ve raised a whopping $800!!! (Considering our original goal was only $200 I’m pretty impressed!!!)



>We have just over a week before AIDS Walk OC.

Thank you to our amazing friends and family who have wholeheartedly supported us! We Truly appreciate your support and your generosity!

Shout out to:

Andre Akins
Elisabeth Aulwurm
Jennifer Johnson Cash
Sue and Larry Cotton
Jeff Cotton
Jennifer Dean
Sabrina Dean
Rachael Durham
Thad Firchau
Stephanie Folks Pierce
Jean-Louise Jirik
Lee and Shane Mayo
Kat McGhee
Joel and Michelle Miller
Juliette Miller
AmyLynn and Dan Robinson
Grace Smestad
Riley Stuart
Laura Swilley
Ashley Thompson
Amanda Townsend
Erik Williams

Anyone else who would like to Donate please head on over to our AIDS Walk OC site and do so!

Look for photos of the walk the first week of May!


>I’m an internet shopper. I don’t have time to go to 12 different stores to find what I need, especially when my BFF Google can find it in a snap!

That being said, I’m pretty savvy. I look for the best price, find a coupon, and make sure the company is reputable…usually.

I say usually because in my excitement of finally finding the goodie boxes that I wanted to get for Loren’s birthday (yes I’m an over-planner…yes it’s in August) in a quanity that worked for me (less than 100) I forgot the last step – Make sure the company is reputable.

Eleven days after my purchase I realized that I hadn’t gotten shipping confirmation and the boxes definitely hadn’t arrived…so I googled! They have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and a ton of people complaints on other sites. So, I emailed them…twice and called them…repeatedly – I LOVE VOICE-MAIL!

Maybe I’ll get my adorable boxes…most reivews said they did…just months later or only got a portion of what they ordered! So, I’ll wait a month and then contest the charge with my credit card company.

Did I mention how cute the boxes were?

So, if you too need super cute packaging…don’t get it from http://www.boxandwrap.com , just don’t…

Dammit…I’m so mad at myself!

UPDATE: The package arrived today…while I maintain Box and Wrap customer service completely blows, and I wouldn’t order from them again, and I’m still mad at myself – the boxes are freaking adorable!

>Not Forgotten…Just so busy!

>I haven’t forgotten about you little blog…We are just busy!

Loren had her first swim lesson on Saturday! (There will eventually be photos…)

She is now consistently pulling herself up to standing…we need to drop the crib.

We are going wedding dress shopping with a friend on Saturday.

We have a birthday party for a 4 year old on Sunday.

My court date is next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa and I are going to the Red Sox(!!!) vs. Angels game the day before Easter.

Melissa parents are coming in that same day. We will dye eggs.

Easter – Church, Family, Dinner

May isnt any slower –

May 1 we have the AIDS Walk OC (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Donate if you havent already – http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=437522&supId=323865811)

We are meeting Mel’s parents in San Diego for a weekend in the middle of the month (SEA WORLD?)

Loren’s Uncle Paco and Auntie Mo are coming to visit sometime towards the end of the month…

I’ve already gotten a good start on planning Loren’s first birthday extravaganza!

I’m exhausted just typing this….OIY!!!

What are you guys up to?

>Conversations From Marriage: Mothers Day Edition

>When it comes to Melissa I tend to be a practical gift giver, this is mostly because unlike most women she hates flowers (allergies) and doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry. I got her a Dremel for her birthday this year, she was in love. However, I really want Loren to give her something meaningful for her first Mothers Day…so, in an effort to get an idea of what she was thinking (meaningful or practical) we had this conversation.

The Scene: Melissa and I at lunch.

Darcie: Loren and I were discussing Mothers Day gifts today…
Melissa: Really? I…err Loren already has something in mind for you!
Darcie: (Jokingly) I’m leaning towards that food dehydrator that you want…
Melissa: No.
Darcie: hmm OK, any requests…
Melissa: Not really….a few seconds later! Look at that ladies cool Vans.
Darcie: So Rainbow Vans?
Melissa: Shoes are not a Mothers Day gift…
Darcie: So you want something sentimental?
Melissa: Well, part of me says yes…but realistically no…
Darcie: You clearly have something in mind…
Melissa: Not really
Darcie: But no food processors and no shoes…?
Melissa: Right…

What did you get for your first Mothers Day? Do you have any suggestions for me?