>Yesterday was round one of Loren’s immunizations. I didn’t go. I considered it, but then I remembered how it breaks my heart when she cries when I don’t dress her at lightening speed after her bath and she gets cold…how could I possibly deal with someone jabbing her.

I made the decision not to go when I thought they were only sticking her twice…turns out they got her FOUR times…twice in each little leg.

Look how tiny her little leg is…makes those little circle bandaids look huge!

I was really worried that she would run a fever and be crazy cranky last night…but that was not that case! She got right on her “schedule” (it’s been consistent for three days in a row…that counts right?) and went to sleep at eight and woke up at 3am to eat…


>I’ve forgotten

>It didn’t take long…but I’ve already forgotten how to have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around or at least mention Loren.

Fifteen months ago is when we started trying to get Melissa pregnant…three months before that she started checking her temperature, taking prenatal vitamins and who knows what else. So for the last year and a half it seems all we’ve talked about is trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, preparing for the baby and the baby.

So, I’ve made reservations for dinner for our anniversary (you know the second one…because we aren’t allowed to celebrate BOTH!) but beyond that I’m stuck. Melissa says there’s nothing she needs or wants as a gift that I should just buy dinner…how romantic? I got a new phone…because I dropped and broke mine! Also, incredibly romantic! GEEZ

I wonder what we will talk about at dinner…


>Have I told you guys that Loren really hates to burp? Well, maybe she doesn’t hate to burp as much as she hates to BE BURPED.

Well, she does. She wiggles,she squirms and she HEAD BUTTS her mommies all because she hates being burped. What 7 1/2 week old can head butt her parents in the face?

Further more, do you know how hard it is to hold a pissed off baby, on your shoulder AND try and pat her back?

It’s a miracle I haven’t dropped her on her head yet.

Two mommies truly are better than one…but it takes a damn village!

>Heat Wave

>We are so spoiled here in Southern California! I loved every minute of this mild summer and complained when we had a heat wave and the temperature hit 85 degrees! That is, until yesterday. It was 107 degrees at our apartment…in the 5 1/2 years I’ve lived here it’s never gotten over 100 degrees and it was 112 degrees on Melissa’s drive home from work.

We had some errands we wanted to run yesterday that didn’t get done over the weekend but we were really hesitant to take Loren out in the heat! Even when it’s cool she is warm after being nestled in her car seat! After being cooped up in the apartment all day LG had enough and needed to get out!

It was after dark…and had cooled off so we headed to Target – a well air conditioned destination AND one of the errands we needed to run! Loren calmed down and slept almost the entire time we were there.

It was still 97 degrees when we left to head home at 7:45pm.

>Diaper Raffle

>When we had our baby shower there was a diaper raffle. Guests bring a package of diapers (in addition to their gift) and they are entered to win a prize.

It’s a beautiful thing really. It gives new parents a boat load of diapers in assorted sizes AND most importantly gives new parents a boat load of diapers in different BRANDS so you can try out all the different kinds and determine what works best for your baby!

Luvs – multiple moms said “we used these and you will LOVE them!”. WRONG – they are best described as a plastic bag with toilet paper stuffed on the inside. They are crinkly and hard…I assume uncomfortable! They do not absorb...so when you open the diaper its like a lake of pee and poo (EWW!) AND the worst part is that when she does poo you can SEE it through the diaper…the entire diaper becomes this gross brown color. I really can’t say enough about how bad the Luvs were/are (unfortunately we still have some left that I’m determined to use)…

Huggies – multiple moms said “we used these and you will LOVE them!”. WRONG -Don’t get me wrong Huggies absorb WAY better than Luvs but, Loren’s legs are too skinny for them and so they leak.

Seventh Generation – we got no feed back on these “green” chlorine free diapers BUT I assumed we would like them because they are wicked expensive! They absorb great, they fit pretty well BUT because they are chlorine free they are beige…they look dirty AND they have no cartoon characters…I’m out!

Pampers – multiple moms said “we used these and you will LOVE them!”. RIGHT! These fit GREAT, we don’t have leakage, and they are so soft! The downside, is that they are pretty expensive and rarely have sales/coupons!

The only brand we have left from the diaper raffle that we have yet to try are Target and yesterday someone said “OMG I HATED THE TARGET BRAND DIAPERS”…please note this is the ONLY negative feedback we’ve gotten…so this should be good!


>Thank you to all of our friends who donated to Kat’s swim for equality fund raiser!

We got up wicked early (5:45am…Kat slept later than we did!!!) and headed out to Malibu to cheer her on!!

We got to see Greg Louganis – Kat clearly doesn’t scrapbook or she would have worked herself in for a one on one photo op with him!

She did GREAT she swam 1.7 miles in 1 hr 15 min! (I would still be swimming…and by swimming I mean floating praying someone comes to retrieve me!)

>Heart Strings

>Melissa and I are very similar. We are really driven by having a routine. Even before Loren arrived we did things by routine…we grocery shop on Sunday…Laundry is done on Saturday (notice the lack of WE with laundry!)…

So our new nightly routine is like this.

5:00 pm (ish) – I get home from work.
5:30pm – One of us cooks dinner.
7:00pm – LG gets a bath
8:00pm – Mel goes to bed (dont judge she gets up at 4am these days)
8:00pm – 11:00pm – can go a lot of different ways but regardless its Me and LG

Last night was dreamy! She was in a good mood, she smiled, she “talked” and she passed out in my lap after her bottle!

I never knew that heartstrings ran through my finger…but last night she tugged on them (pretty tightly!).