>Adoption Update: FINALLLLLLY!

>Well, the letter didn’t come on Friday but it did FINALLY arrive on Saturday. I was a little panicked because a thin little envelope (and I was anticipating a large report filled envelope).

The most beautiful words:

“We have recommended that the adoption be approved” (EEK!)

So, now I’m sending Melissa off to the court house today to schedule our court date. I’m not really sure how long this process will take, I’m only hoping its sooner rather than later.

I have an eerie feeling we will be waiting on yet another letter!



>Yesterday I logged into our self service portal at work to add Loren’s name to my life insurance policy (you know if something awful happens to BOTH Melissa and I), its simple – all I needed was her name, address, social, gender and then there is a drop down menu to choose our relationship. The very first option is “Adopted Child” and I just don’t get it. What’s the difference between Son, Daughter and Adopted Child? This really irritated me.

Speaking of adoption…

As you may remember the super nice social worker called us late on Friday evening (because she couldn’t read the address on the document from Pacific Reproductive Services) and said I should expect my report this week.

Being the patient person that I am – I have excitedly/anxiously checked the mail everyday just to be bombarded with a pile of advertisements, bills, or other useless crap! (and by useless I mean important (yet uninteresting) tax documents vital to our tax filing goodness!).

I even made Mel check our box yesterday (because I was to impatient to wait two more hours until I got home) and of course Thursday HAD TO BE THE DAY! It wasn’t.

Maybe today…

>Politically Incorrect

>I think that people spend a little too much effort trying to be politically correct. Everything has been so washed out in an attempt to not offend ANYONE.

While I understand and respect the need to not pick on, persecute, or ostracize any group of people; I do believe that there is a line at which we just become absurd.

People will always be offended.

Having said that, I find myself wondering what type of world Loren is going to grow up in. Will we continue to become afraid of offending everyone, even our own shadows? Or will our hypersensitivity backlash and will be being politically incorrect be the new in thing?

All I know is that I might flip my lid if this ever shows up on any of Loren’s required school supply lists. What happened to using peach, brown, and yellow?


>As you know, Loren was baptized recently! The whole event was lots of fun. It’s always nice to have something to celebrate.

The best part, however, is getting to see friends and family we don’t see very often. A special nod to Grace, Laura, Erik, and Carol.

Erik is one of Darcie’s really good friends and Loren’s Godfather. He is great with her, and she loves her “Uncle Erik.” We need to watch Loren around Erik though because sometimes the lessons he teaches her are a little strange.

We were all sitting in the living room hanging out playing with Loren when Erik taught her this awesome lesson…

Bears go WOOF!

What?!?! Everyone in the room turned to him. One by one we challenged him, don’t you mean they GRRRR, Roar, or Growl.

He informed us, bears WOOF; that is how they identify each other.

We all left it at that. Because how do you argue with a guy about bears, when he’s wearing a bear shirt? He obviously knows something we don’t!

Let it be known, when Loren’s preschool teacher calls us over and explains her concern that Loren INSISTS cows go Moo, cats go Meow, and bears go Woof. Erik will need to handle the situation.

>Enter Stage Left

>Hello world..

Darcie seems to be too busy to keep you all up to date on everything that is going on. So, I suckered her into giving me access to the blog. MUHAHAHA!

This should be good for you readers and for me, as for Darcie that has yet to be seen. Up till now you’ve only gotten one side of the story; let’s face it, Darcie likes to skew things to make herself look better.

Thus, today’s conversation from marriage: Melissa’s Revenge Side.

Set scene: Two nights ago, Loren has been congested all day and has a pitiful cough.

Me: We have saline spray or drops for her nose, which do you think will be easier.

Darice: Neither

Me: Well one has to be easier than the other..

Darcie: The spray, but do it in the other room!

Me: Um ok.. (goes to other room sprays baby’s nose and returns)

Darcie: .. being a mom is SOOO DIFFICULT!

Me: Yes dear, experiencing your child getting nose drops from a room away is difficult.

I also have to take Loren to the other room to take her temperature. Apparently Darcie doesn’t put anything into the baby that’s not food from a bottle/jar.

I’m not sure who the baby is, Loren or Darcie.

>She who sleeps in a swing…

>We’ve really been adamant about Loren sleeping in her bassinet. We dont even use the vibration feature anymore. It’s going less than great…she sleeps for 2 or 3 hours and wakes up, snuggles and goes back to sleep – thats on a good night.

On a bad night she wakes up after 2 hours and refuses to go back into the bassinet all night. So she lays in the bed next to Melissa and therefore Melissa doesnt sleep at all.

On a really bad night she screams, cries, and refuses all soothing. Those are usually the nights Melissa has eaten something she shouldn’t have – broccoli, Mexican, popcorn…etc

However, this week she’s had a little congestion and if she lays flat she chokes, so she gets to sleep in her swing. It’s been glorious really. Last night she slept from 9pm – 3:00am in her swing…non stop, no feeding, snuggles, or cuddles required! She ate at 3 and slept for 3 more hours! Truly beautiful.

I think I had forgotten how amazing the swing was and now I miss it again.

In other news – regarding my post from yesterday – since I may not always have something to tell you and because Melissa thinks it’s a little unfair that you get to hear about things she does wrong or that are hilarious but you never get to hear about things I do that are wrong or just plain funny – like when I made her take Loren in the other room to squirt saline up her nose because I didn’t want to hear her cry (she didnt by the way), I will be giving Melissa administrator access to the blog and she will now be posting as well!

>The End

>This morning I was laying in bed watching Loren sleep in her swing (that’s another story) and I was thinking about my blog. I was pondering what to post about this week, if anything monumental happened or if I was just forcing the issue. Am I done with this?

I do find that I enjoyed writing, sharing updates and progress reports more before Loren arrived. We were all so eager to meet her and every little detail seemed extremely important. I do enjoy sharing her photos and stories, but I really enjoy enjoying her! It could be that I don’t have the time now, she is truly a joy, a time consuming joy, and I would rather spend my spare time with her and Melissa. Not to mention, I HAVE to work, I HAVE to take classes (yet another story!), and I have to keep our home in order (ish). So in the grand scheme of things this poor blog falls pretty low on the totem pole.

Then, this morning I was making my daily rounds and a blog I’ve been reading since we started this journey of motherhood (you know back when it was merely an idea) was titled “THE END”. It was a nice post about how they had been considering having a third baby (OMG…no WAY! Loren will remain an only child!) and how they had decided this was the end of having babies AND THE END OF THEIR BLOG. I felt so sad. These aren’t people I know, I never even commented on their blog and I still felt like something I enjoyed was being taken away.

So, don’t worry this isn’t the end of Darcie, Melissa and Loren! It’s just the end of any sort of schedule. You guys really only want to know about the interesting stuff anyway…right?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why Loren got to sleep in her swing again…if time allows!

But, until then I can share some important information – the social worker called me at 5:30pm Friday evening to verify some information (EEK! She was working on MY REPORT!!!!), she said I should have the report sometime this week! Maybe all that flattery from 2 weeks ago really worked! (kidding!) Then I should be able to make our court date! (happy dance)