Loren had another fever this week (and in turn her little rash came back…not nearly as bad though!)

In general she’s been “off”…she’s been whiney and super clingy (to Melissa)…Aunt Kitty came to watch her yesterday and she completely melted down when she left…

I finally taught Loren to say Mama…except she’s calling Melissa (aka MOMMY) Mama…

Loren went from the intermediate Parent and Me swim class to the Advanced. (yes, I know Facebook already knows this – I am thrilled she is ready for the advanced class…I’m a little bummed that it costs $7 more PER lesson…holy moly!)

So, to recap – my child is advanced enough for the high dive, she only wants Mommy or Aunt Kitty…She’s learned a name for Melissa and the dog…but not me.

I’m not jealous (or at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself of…).

Melissa goes back to work next week…maybe my child’s loyalty will balance back out…because right now I hate summer.


Vaccines + Fever + Rash = Misery

Last weekend Loren had a runny nose and was a little fussy.

On Monday, she had her 1 year well baby visit. It was the standard visit – she was weighed and measured and she got 3 vaccines (MMR, Chicken Pox, and Hepatitis).

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday she was fussy. She had a fever. She wanted NEEDED her moms AT. All. TIMES.

Which is a combination of exhausting and pitiful.

Melissa was also sick and feeling terrible, which made the week even more exhausting.

As if all of that wasn’t enough – when Loren woke up on Friday morning she was covered from head to toe in a bright red rash.

So, Melissa and Loren headed back to the doctor on Friday for the second visit of the week.  She determined that the rash was likely caused by the fever…which was caused by the vaccinations.

I’m happy to report that the rash is mostly gone this morning…we are just hoping little miss clingy returns to miss independent.

Also, Loren leanred that if you open drawers they can be used as ladders.

Melissa and I learned that even if you don’t have teeth you can eat M&Ms…(Melissa dropped one and Loren found it before Melissa could and popped it in her mouth…like she knew what she was doing!)


Remember a few months ago I wrote about how excited Loren would get when I came home from work…she would race Boston to my feet and lift her arms to be picked up?

What happened to that kid?

Now, this happens.

I open the front door.

Melissa says (excitedly*): OHHHH Whoooooo’s THAT????

Loren makes a beeline for (she always loses to Boston…that dog is fast!)…she seems so excited…I put my purse down to pick her up and she makes a detour to my purse.  She carefully pulls each and every accessible item out and scatters them all over the entry. She’s amused for a good 20 minutes…just emptying my bag.

Part of me thinks – Maybe I shouldnt let her dig in my purse. Some people (Aunt M, for example) carry things in their purse that babies (or in Aunt M’s case…children) shouldn’t play with…see…eat…touch… etc

Then the other part of me thinks – there’s nothing in there she can hurt (the important stuff is zipped (and she hasnt mastered zippers…yet) so, I let her dig. I suppose I’m just hoping that other people will keep their purses out of her reach (especially you Aunt M!)

What do you guys do? Let them play in your purse? Keep them out of reach?


*I’m not exactly sure if Melissa is just excited to see another adult, that someone else will be there and Loren will give her 2 seconds to herself or if she’s really that excited for Loren to see her Mama!


Walk This Way…

Everyday Loren gets a little more confident on her feet. She can maintain her balance for a good while…and when she’s ready to sit down she slowly squats until her little booty hits the floor!

This morning she was awake in her crib (trying to get to the light switch) and I stood at her closed door and said “Looooooooooooren?” and she replied “Ala…” – I’m pretty sure that’s my name now! She’s been saying it forever…maybe it really is Mama?

She’s growing so fast and I’m so jealous of the time Melissa gets with her all summer, I swear she already prefers her more…stupid genetic bond.  Melissa was really nervous (borderline complaining) about soooo much time together because it’s hard work…I would’ve switched with her in a heartbeat. My baby bonding time has been over for 9 months and still don’t want to be back at work!

Melissa just posted to Facebook that Loren took SEVEN steps before crashing. A new record for my sweet girl. While it bums me out that I missed seven steps…I’m sooo thankful I saw one, and three, and six! I’ll always wish I could be there for everything, but it’s a fact of life…I have to work…missing out gets easier…right?


It’s never been a secret that Loren has be wrapped around her tiny little finger.  Yesterday was only different in that she also had Melissa (ya know…level headed….strong willed…MELISSA).

Since Loren had three vaccines yesterday she was incredible pathetic. She was super snuggley (aka CLINGY) and whiny all afternoon.  Since Melissa is sick her guards were down. I handed Mel a Capri-Sun (because that’s how grown up we are) and Loren immediately wanted it. They shared.

Loren eats better than any child I’ve ever seen eat. She had a big dinner, a quick bath, most of her bottle and passed out! She slept all night (again)!

Melissa said to me this morning – I really hope this new sleep thing isn’t just because she’s growing…or because she’s been sick…

While I had already thought the same thing. Part of me (a very small part) misses hearing her wake up in the middle of the night…just another sign she’s growing…and too fast!

Final Count

Melissa and Loren just got back from Loren’s 12 month well baby visit.

I only ever went to one…and I cried like…well…a baby!

Loren had three vaccines today…MMR, Hepatitis, and Chicken Pox. I’m pretty stoked about the CP vaccine…since ya know- I’ve never had them! (Yes, I know I too could get the vaccine…but I’m pretending I’m naturally immune!)

My little peanut weighed in at a whopping 19lbs 10 oz and is 29 inches TALL (yes, tall…because she stands!). While her height remains in the 50th percentile and her weight in the 25th…her head circumference is back up to the 75th (46cm)…one day she will catch up with her cranium!

She’s already napping (sleeping off the vaccines) and Melissa is curled up with a box of Kleenex…she’s a little under the weather!

I’m honestly singing “Weeee are the champioooooooooooons” in my head just thinking about this…but Loren has been sleeping…like alot…and well, we love it…like alot!

The realistic part of me is forced to admit that she MUST be going through a growth spurt and that this is likely only temporary…it’s like my own little way of preparing myself for the worst!

The girl is taking 2 – 4 hour naps…Melissa and Kitty have been bored out of their minds during nap time this week!

She’s been going to bed at 7pm and getting up after 8am…I don’t even see her in the morning these days. She’s going to forget who I am if she only sees me from 5pm – 7pm 5 days awake (aw…that made me a little sad).

Lastly, we are doing her one year photos on Sunday…and Melissa just texted me that she has been “sneezing all day and her nose is running…bring home Kleenex”….so yeah there’s that.

Hoping for the best…preparing for the less than best!