Where do I begin?

So much has happened in the last few weeks/months that I can’t even remember where I left off. I know I plied you with a give away this week, so go win some cake pops!

I know I casually mentioned Melissa’s surgery in the protection gator post. Little did we know that was really only the beginning of the medical drama saga.

Three and half weeks after the initial surgery (which was planned because of some abdominal pain) and one day after the protection gator post, the abdominal pain returned and we landed in the ER that night, they admitted her, did emergency surgery two days later and didn’t let her come home for four more days.

I’m so glad I bought the protection gator when I did…I didn’t know how much Loren would need him!

I’m so thankful for an Aunt who will drop whatever she’s doing and come sit at our home until two in the  morning (on a work night) so we don’t have to wake Loren up and take her to a gross hospital.

I’m thankful for the other Aunt who tried her hardest to make sure Loren’s routine didn’t get totally out of whack and allowed to me to spend time waiting with Melissa while they figured out what was wrong.

I’m thankful for my in laws who dropped everything they were doing, drove six hours and even brought a recliner for Melissa to sleep in when she came home.

I’m thankful for my Mother in Law who is still with us and has taken Melissa to doctors appointments when I couldn’t get away from work, been a champion laundry doer, and amongst other things has been Loren’s “best fwiend”.

I’m thankful for a slew of nurses (happy nurses week!) who went above and beyond from hour one to hour twelve of each of their shifts.

I’m thankful for a surgeon who was patient and didn’t give up until she found a solution, even if it required completely opening Melissa up to do it.

Of all these things, I’m thankful that Melissa seems to be on the mend. She certainly has a long way to go and lots of healing left to do, but improvements are being made everyday.  I hope this pattern continues and that the doctor has truly figured it all out this time.

I’m not sure who was more pitiful during the hospital stay – Melissa because she couldn’t see Loren or Loren because she hadn’t seen mommy in a week.  I do know that kids are smart, they are intuitive and it’s tough to hide emotions from them. Loren is very aware of Melissa’s limitations, she rarely asks her to do anything, she’s gentle when she is near her and frequently asks  “I see your big boo boo mommy?” (and then says “eww das gross…pft..pftt…pft”.).

My mother in law is going home tomorrow, I’m sure she misses her bed, her husband, and her life. I know three girls who definitely going to miss having her around – we’ve yet to decide who is going to miss her more!


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