>Long Weekend

>While I enjoy any “extra” time I get with my adorable little family this three day weekend felt more like 3 weeks!

Loren was extra clingy, irritable and IN TO EVERYTHING!

We were convinced that she was finally getting a tooth…but there was no evidence.

I was on my own while Melissa went to get a haircut on Saturday – literally the longest four hours of my life.

On top of her clingyirritablemonsterish self…she was also adorable. She kept being pitiful and laying her head on our chests…but only for a few seconds and then she was back in the game of destruction!

She was sneezing a lot yesterday and kept us up the majority of last night because she was congested. Cold? Allergies? I dont know…but definitely no teeth!

So, I’ll pull the humidifier back out and we will let her sleep in the swing tonight in hopes that we all get some sleep. In a case of true irony, now that she sleeps in her bed full time she really prefers it there! She can’t roll over in her swing which in the end just pisses her off!


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>Throw Your Hands Up In The Air…

>Sometimes Loren knows exactly what we are saying…

“Loren, say bye bye” – waves arm frantically! (Sure, she has no idea what bye bye means…other than her arm should have a seizure! but I love it!)

“Loren, that is not for babies do not touch!” – she usually sits there for a second and tries to touch (whatever it is she’s not supposed to be touching) again, is told it’s “not for babies” and then gives a cry and crawls away. (It should also be noted that when I tell her it’s not for babies she continues touching it…as if to say…”I know you’re the fun mom…Melissa says and she cries)

However, there are times when she responds correctly but I know she really has no clue what I’ve said – it was a mere coincidence…

This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and she was sitting on her knees next to me…

I sang to her “Throw your hands up in the air” (and she did) “Wave em around like you just don’t care….” (and she did)…

While changing her diaper…“Loren…put your legs down” (and she did)…

So to confirm – she refuses to say Mama/Mommy (other than when she’s screaming in distress) but she openly responds to the Backstreet Boys…

>Pride: Am I Too Old For This?

>We ventured out to Long Beach for Pride.

Loren basically loves any adventure and is mostly oblivious to what’s going on outside our little circle – Thank Goodness!

I desperately want her to see and interact with other families like ours…I just don’t imagine I’ll take her to another pride.

Melissa said it best – it’s not overall family friendly (it has a family “area”) and we definitely don’t want her to see so many “adults behaving badly!”.

While I’m all for freedom of expression I (not so) secretly hope Loren never feels that she should wear booty shorts and pasties (ONLY PASTIES!) in public!

On a positive note, it was a beautiful day….we (Melissa,Erik, Loren and I) spread the blanket out on the grass and Loren played until her heart was content, completely unaware of the man in a speedo with giant plush balls and the girl puking into a Frisbee.

There are just some questions this Mama isn’t ready to answer.

Where do you same sex parents take your kids for family outings?

I’ve heard there is Family Week…in or around Boston…but we aren’t ready to spend that much to travel…especially since she isn’t all that aware of whats going on!

>Sushi Lovin’

>I feel like I’ve been so busy since Erik go into town I’ve forgotten to blog the last few days!

We are still mega busy until he heads back to Virginia. So far we’ve gone to Disneyland, the movies (Bridesmaids…ehh), and Angels game and Erik has done a slew of shopping!

Today we are all going to Loren’s swim lesson and then to Long Beach Pride.

Should be a fun day!

Also, Loren had her first California Roll yesterday and LOVED IT!!!!

>The Godfather

>Loren’s Godfather, “Uncle Erik” has arrived and Loren is smitten! She was so distracted by him last night she didn’t go to sleep until almost 8:30 pm…just as her eyes were closing she caught a glimpse of him and smiled around the binky and fell asleep.

I just don’t know what we will do if this kid gets any cuter or any sweeter!

Erik said he has early onset diabetes now because she’s too sweet!

>Snuggles and Sweetness

>Yesterday when I got home from work Melissa proclaimed she had sold Loren to the gypsies…a frequent threat in the Cotton house. Loren had of course been her typical nine month old self all afternoon, into EVERYTHING and demanding Melissa’s attention.

She was really sleeping in her swing and there were no gypsies were involved!

When I heard her “announce” to the world she was awake and I went in and got her. She gave me some of the best cuddles. She NEVER cuddles because she’s curious about everything and can’t be that relaxed. However, she laid her head on my chest and gave me so much love that I thought she might be sick…seriously.

It must have just been my day…after about twenty minutes of cuddles she was back to her usual self. The exception, I was the number one mama! She wanted to be a part of every little thing I was doing.

She’s also become completely obsessed with the refrigerator and makes a beeline for it anytime someone opens it! This fact only increased our mama/daughter bonding time as I was making cupcakes for work today!

>Baby Average Head

>Loren had her nine month doctor visit on Friday.

She’s a whopping 17.5 lbs (25th percentile), 27.5 inches (50th percentile) AND her head is FINALLY at 50th percentile!

That’s right, she’s no longer baby big head – she’s just baby average run-of-the-mill head!

Yes, her head may still look a little big because the rest of her is so small…but now we have to call her baby little body!

Because our weekend in San Diego was postponed, we thought we finally had a weekend that wasn’t full of events…we were wrong and were completely slammed the entire weekend! We ran errand, after errand, did more loads of laundry and dishes that I can even count and the four (including the dog) of us had a combined 3 doctor visits. That’s right…75% of my family had to go to the doctor on Friday.

For now everyone is fine. The dog is medicated and Melissa is going to have to go to therapy (of the physical persuasion!)…and well Loren is great!