About Two Mommies

Welcome to Two Mommies are Better Than One! We are a family of 3 (4 if you count the dog…sometimes I do!) living in Southern California. This blog started out as way to share baby news, baby preparation info, and the fun we’ve been having getting the hang of this parenthood thing.

Darcie – AKA – Mama (or whatever she’ll call me!) – is the author of this little corner of the internet.

Melissa – AKA – Mommy (sometimes Mom…but usually Mama…go figure!) – is the biological mother to our daughter.

Loren – AKA – Monkey – AKA- Angel Face – AKA – BooBoo – AKA- Toddler Face – is the star of this show. She’s a funny kids and most who meet her fall under her spell!

Boston – AKA – Schnauzer Face (seeing a trend?) – is the worlds cutest, most well behanved miniature schnauzer and whether is likes it or not – he and Loren are BFF’s

People say we aren’t the traditional family. I can’t help but ponder what is? A mom and dad? How many kids grow up with both? I didn’t…my wife did.  A single mom? A single dad? Two moms? Two dads?

Traditional or not we are on an exciting journey! We are creating traditions and we are celebrating our baby girl!


One thought on “About Two Mommies

  1. Your little lady is so lucky to have two parents that love her so very much! Wonderful parenting! Whether it’s two moms, two dads, a mom and dad, a mom and grandma, etc. etc. etc. A family is a family and that is love. Congratulations on your beautiful family!

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