Adoption Smoption: The Conclusion (no, for real this time…)

My sweet girl is 1 year and 2 months old and she FINALLY has two mommies again!!! WOO HOO!!!

After the “Melissa being deleted from the birth certificate” incident of 2011, we filed a motion with the court to make an alteration to the original petition.

“She who must not be named” did an excellent job – I almost feel a little bad for saying all those things about our first experience about her…almost. She filed and go us an updated petition rather quickly.

However, the real hero here is Beth at the department of Vital Records. Beth, not only gave us her direct line, but she also made getting Loren’s birth certificate updated super easy. It usually takes 9-12 MONTHS to get a new certificate, but Beth used her noggin and had her boss unseal the “old” (aka – the one that was correct to begin with) birth cert!

Even better,  WE ALREADY HAVE IT. Granted, it’s a little different – so we now have three versions of a one years olds birth certificate – but I’m not going to complain…I’m soooo thrilled this process is OVER.

Now, the IRS – they are still on my shiitake mushroom list….oiy!


Such a Good Sharer

Since Loren is an only child (and will remain so!) I fear that she will not share well with other…but maybe I’m wrong.

Last week, she shared her cold with me, Melissa, Aunt Kitty and even Uncle Bob.

Friday afternoon she was sitting on the floor eating some Lil Crunchies, for you non parents, they are like poofy Cheetos…but for toddlers. Anyway, I looked over and she was reaching over to offer some to Boston, she didnt want to let go, so Boston was nibbling on the end.  Here’s where I failed, I said – “Boston, you know you aren’t allowed to have people food”…so he (being the good dog that he is) let go and then…Loren ate the Lil Crunchie that had just been in my ass licking dogs mouth. Oh good grief, we feed her organic fruits and vegetables just to let her share with the dog.

Now, the worlds most well behaved miniature schnauzer has been searching every inch of the apartment for crumbs…

One Little Monkey

The morning routine that requires me to get out of bed before the last possible second has returned.

At first,  I missed seeing Loren every morning before I left for work. On the other hand, I didn’t miss trying to shower with her sticking her head in to “see what was going on”, trying to change poopy diapers in work clothes, or feeding a crazy 10 month old who was going through the “wipe my gross hands on mom” phase! (She’s moved on to the “Put food in mommy’s pocked when she’s not looking” phase…I like this one much better…mostly because it doesnt involve me!)

I’m glad it’s back. Its “our” time – I’m still not thrilled about the getting up way earlier than I want to. HOWEVER, since my sweet angel sleeps through the night now (can I get a Whoop Whoop?), it is MUCH better to wake up around 6:30ish instead of 5 or 5:30am….

This morning, she woke up, played in her crib, layed back down, turned on the sound machine, played some more and then said “yo – I’m ready for breakfast!” – So, I went in changed her diaper and we headed towards the kitchen to make breakfast!

As we came into the living room she said “MA?” – and looked around for Melissa. When she couldnt find her in that room, she thought she was in our bedroom, so she pointed to the bedroom door and said “MA?” again. It was possibly one of the sweetest/most pitiful things she’s done in a long while.

I took her into the bedroom (and the bathroom) to prove that it was just us and then we called “MA”. Loren smiled the biggest smiles while we talking to Melissa on the phone!

She’s also grown, become more independent and gained the ability to climb since we last played this game – putting make up on in the mornings is proving to be a challenge…Loren wants the makeup and there’s no longer anywhere to put it she can’t get to! OH BOY!!!!


I read my fair share of mommy blogs. For that matter I read my fair share of lesbian mommy blogs.

Here’s what I know – Lesbians are tend to be very…natural.

Melissa and I did not, nor did we EVER consider birthing Loren in a kiddie pool in the middle of our living room, using a midwife, or not having an epidural (ok…there was a brief discussion about not using the epidural).

We do not drive a Subaru…why do so many lesbians drive Subarus?

We didn’t make our own baby food! (Although, I have a non-lesbian friend who does…props to you friend!)

We don’t use cloth diapers. (Again…there was a brief discussion).

All that being said – when Loren started to teethe Melissa got a little granola on me. She started rambling on about teething necklaces. I swear I thought she was talking about something for her to wear that Loren could chew on. I was wrong…apparently it’s a necklace that Loren wears that is made out of amber.

Honestly, I expected this teething thing to be way worse…so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…I think this amber necklace might be working. And well, she’s adorable in it!

Melissa got Loren’s necklace at (wait for it) Granola Babies here in the OC…but there are a ton available online. She really wanted to go into a store to make sure she got the right size!

My Little Love

We spent the holiday weekend in Arizona with Melissa’s parents! It’s always so much fun to go – but the return trip was a killer!!

Loren was a champion on the way there, but on the way back she was less than the ideal passenger! I blamed the teething. I also blamed the car seat. Regardless of any seats  comfort level, I wouldn’t want to sit in it (restrained) for 5 1/2 hours (THANKS CRAPPY TRAFFIC!).

However, once we got home and unloaded the car she was in such a good mood. She was excited to see her toys – she had clearly missed them.

She hugged her rocking horse. She laughed and squealed when she rode him!

She dove into her ball pit.

She threw every toy Boston owns!

And then she went back and hugged her rocking horse again!

The best part? She gave this Mama the best hugs and the sloppiest kisses all evening (and even this morning!).

I love those little kisses…I just wish she would stop kissing me on the mouth. Until she learns to close her mouth that is!

The TOOTH of the Matter….

Loren finally has a tooth!!!!!

Saturday she didn’t sleep well. Sunday she was a little fussy.

Last night I gave her a little lick of frosting from grandpas birthday cake and felt a little nub and this morning (after another iffy night) POOF! She has a tooth!

No photo…her mouth is sore so her lips are tighter than Fort Knox!