>98 bottles of…wait

>There are only 100 days until Melissa’s due date! I know what you’re thinking – that seems like a lot of days but oh contraire, we’ve come a long way since December when we found out we were going to be Mommies! 100 days seems like nothing compared to the 280 days we started with!

Baby Cotton has had a very busy week (considering it’s only her 25th…) The structures of the spine – 33 rings, 150 joints and 1000 ligaments – begin to form. The blood vessels of the lungs are developing and her nostrils are beginning to open.

On a different note I’ve got questions that need answers. Why is it we lose weight in the order we do? I think I may have lost all 50 lbs in MY FEET. I slipped my foot into my work shoes this morning and my poor foot was swimming! (note to self, go find new shoes…) My rings are almost too big and I seriously don’t want to go bra shopping. Hello Body, I have plenty of pants and shirts in smaller sizes – how bout we focus on losing a few pounds in those areas???


>Spending my lottery winnings…

>Yesterday my co-workers and I said we were going to get a bunch of lottery tickets and try to hit it big this week. (I think they said the drawing is on Friday).

So, last night while I was falling asleep I was mentally spending my winnings. Somewhere between college funds for our child, nieces, and nephews AND some elaborate tropical vacation – Christmas comes to mind.

I know what you’re thinking BEST CHRISTMAS EVER (Right Laura?)!! However, that’s not where my mind went. While I know winning millions of dollars would make life much easier and we could buy a real house with real yard, I couldn’t help but wonder if having so much money would make miss the little things. Which is where Christmas comes in to play. I LOVE everything about Christmas- the smell, putting up the decorations and decorating the tree, shopping for everyone, and even WRAPPING PRESENTS!! OF course, receiving gifts doesn’t hurt the euphoria that Christmas brings either. I love that I’m almost thirty and “Santa” still fills my stocking. I love Christmas even more than my birthday and I want Little Miss Cotton to feel the nostalgia for Christmas when she’s her momma’s age too!

While I know if we ever actually came into a large sum of money we (mostly Mel) would be sensible and hopefully keep the little things in tact but, that didn’t change the fact that I panicked at the thought of losing Christmas once I hypothetically won the lottery.

So, fingers crossed people – now that I know I have to save Christmas, winning the lottery is OK!

Oh my imagination runs so wild.

I read yesterday that some Chinese billionaire gave every cent of his 1.2 BILLION dollar fortune to charity AND his children are totally OK with getting nothing!

Mom, in the off chance that you become a billionaire, please give me some before you save the world…please.

>If we paint it….


Saturday April 24, 2010

It’s like the big paint reveal on some reality home improvement show!

Just getting started. (Before I remembered how much I hate painting)

My cute little helper!

Cue Conversation:
Dar: You can’t paint in those brand new maternity shorts.
Mel: {takes shorts off in front of open window}
Mel: I’ll be sitting on the floor.
Dar: umm, ok.
Mel: {Realizes she will need to eventually stand up and shuffles off to find smurf sleep shorts}

Tuesday April 27, 2010

Sabrina offers to help me finish painting. (Maybe I bribed her with yummy BLT’s.)

Just getting started. Before Sabrina realizes how much she hates painting.

Cue Conversation:
Sabrina: I wonder if we’ll paint our new apartment?
Mel: Hire someone.
Dar: {chuckles}

My hatred for painting is on the forefront of my mind.

We’re almost done! However, Sabrina’s smile is TOTALLY FAKE!

Resume Conversation:
Sabrina: OMG we’re totally not painting.
Dar: Well, you should do it before you move stuff in if you want to…it’s way easier. But lets face it, I’m not helping! I’ll provide snacks.
Sabrina: You think she’ll want to paint?

They say it gets worse before it gets better. Paint is done. Now, we have to get all the STUFF back in order. GEEZ!!!

Wednesday April 28, 2010 – Sabrina and I look like we partied hard last night. I hurt…again. Have I mentioned that I’m never painting again?

What will I bribe Sabrina with next…

>Writers Block?

>It’s not that I’m experiencing writers block. It’s that I have nothing new to really share with you.

Painting is still underway. Sabrina has offered to come help (with no restrictions…).

Carolyn, I know you were willing to help too – but you said you were only available on Sundays and we were busy this Sunday – SORRY!!!

Melissa’s sister Amy, gave us a bunch of baby stuff they are no longer using this weekend. Melissa says it looks like a daycare exploded in our living room. There’s no way to put baby stuff in the semi-painted room especially, when there’s more paint to come. Michelle has some baby stuff they are no longer using too – but I have no where to put it until the little girls room reopens! The dog and the cat are very intrigued by all of the baby gear. They started off timidly sniffing and investigating …now the cat is in full blown “this looks cushy what can I lay on?” mode.

Melissa bought this t-shirt for Little Miss Cotton, she will wear it with pride…or else!

The question and answer is pool has been re-opened…let me know if you’ve got questions, cause I bet I’ve got answers!

>I’m so dumb…

>Monday Morning 2010 – I hate mondays. This Monday especially sucks. Every muscle in my back and neck definately hurt. At least half of the muscles in my legs (from standing on my tip toes) and arms (from reaching over my head) hurt.


2001 – Bekah (my college roommate) and I decided we wanted to paint our dorm room and adjoining bathroom. Neither of us considered the cinder block walls or the major pain in the ass they would make painting these two small rooms. After that nightmare I vowed to never paint again. I HATE PAINTING.

2005 – Melissa and I move into our first apartment (without a roommate). We decide to paint the living room and dining room a nice beige color and the hall RED. My little brother was visiting and rolled paint in the living room and dining room like a freakin champion. Then, Mel and I were left to finish the project. I’m still seeing RED – it was so difficult to paint the little hall. And so I vowed to NEVER PAINT AGAIN. I HATE PAINTING.

2006 – We had some left over paint from when we moved in. I decided I wanted to paint my vanity. I never did finish. I hate paiting and of course vowed to never paint again.

On Saturday, I suggested that we go get the paint for Little Miss Cotton’s room.

Cue Conversation:

Dar: Wanna go to Lowes?
Mel: We arent hiring someone to paint?
Dar: It’ll be expensive.
Mel: But, how much are we really going to save?
Dar: I dont know…it’s a small room…I can do it. {famous last words}

So, we go to Lowes, I have an allergic reaction. Melissa tapes and I paint (with special low {something} that’s safe for pregnant woment).

Cue Conversation:

Dar: OMG I’m going to die.
Mel: I t o…
Dar: {flopping down on bed}DONT EVEN SAY YOU TOLD ME SO! I hate painting…I’m never doing it again. {cry}

I hate myself. I hate that I still have to do the second coat AND the damn ceiling trim. For crying outloud, I’ve lost 53 lbs, shouldnt I be more physically fit for manual labor?

Of course Michelle said she would come help but I would have to watch her kids. Like I had a drop of energy left for watching kids…I couldnt even hold my own head up.

I’m hoping the painting fairies will just come in and finish where I left off while I’m at work today.

I hate painting…I’m never doing it again.

>allergy smallergy

>I take pride in the fact that I’m not really allergic to anything. Short of a sniffley nose when everyone else is dying from seasonal allergies I’m usually okay.

Melissa on the other hand is allergic to a whole heck of a lot (see previous posts).

When I had surgery in December I found I’m allergic to the adhesive on band aids AND the glue they used to hold me together after the surgery. Total bummer! I thought we split the crap things. Mel has allergies and I have crap teeth/vision.

Well, this realization was months ago and I have moved on. Until TODAY.

We went to Lowe’s to get the paint for Baby Cotton’s room and 10 minutes into our journey through the massive store (we needed a few other things too) I started sweating, itching, and getting giant red whelps. Melissa thinks I must be allergic to something I inhaled because it covered the majority of my body…

I don’t know what pisses me off more. The fact that I can no longer say I don’t have allergies or the fact that I have allergies to things “the girl who is allergic to everything” doesn’t have.

Reporting from the middle of the living room floor where the cool fan soothes my big red puffy body…

>Memories…SING IT WITH ME!

>This morning I was on the 5 FWY headed for work and I look in my review mirror and there was a little Smart Car. As soon as I saw the little spec in my mirror I was immediately flooded with a memory from what seems like a million years ago.

It was my freshmen year of college and my friend Kurt needed a ride, (the details of where to apparently aren’t important because I don’t remember) something was wrong with his car (I think it had a broken window…) and I’m an awesome friend (pats self on back).

So, my first car was a 1991 Ford Festiva- her name was Millie. Now, that I’m on my fourth car, I really wish I had pics of me in my first one…how will I ever explain/prove to Baby Cotton why she isn’t getting a brand new [insert best car of 2026] when she turns 16 if I can’t show her how her Momma got started? (When I was your age…)

I digress, so I pick Kurt up and I’m taking him to unknown location. We get onto the interstate, gain speed and suddenly Kurt is inching closer to the door, and holding onto the handle preparing to jump out.

Darcie: Umm, what are you doing?
Kurt: Maybe you should slow down…
Darcie: I’m doing the speed limit.
Kurt: Your car is so small…it makes me nervous.
Darcie: So, my car scares you? [hysterical laughter]

Ok, so yes it was small, and yes I was probably doing more than the speed limit. But lets face it that little car could haul ass and I drove it everyday so, it didn’t scare me. Sorry, Kurt. When I spotted that “Smart” car I immediately thought – no way in hell would I drive that thing.

Kurt, I know we don’t get to hang out much (mostly because I live west of the Mississippi and he lives East of the Mississippi) but, if you ever come visit I swear my car is much safer now!

Looking back I can’t believe I was allowed to have such a small car! Melissa started in a TRUCK, a big, safe truck. Maybe we should start saving for Baby Cotton’s tank?

I always hear people say “they grow up way too fast”… I hope I can remember as much about Baby Cotton when she’s little as I do about me growing up.

>The Diaper Debacle…

>Melissa and I love the planet but, we aren’t very good at saving it. We get to the super market every Sunday and Melissa says “Doh, we forgot our cloth bags…”, we drink bottled water (not mass amounts…but we do…and we don’t recycle the bottles…I know – we should be ashamed), we use paper towels, on occasion paper plates, and I’ve been known to laminate a thing or two.

What I’m saying here is that I won’t be easily convinced to use anything other than standard/run of the mill diapers (with cute little cartoon characters on them) that can be tossed after used.

I’ve done some research and I’ve convinced myself even more I’m a disposable diaper kind of girl. Here’s what I’ve found…

Cloth diapers:

Doing it ourselves: This doesn’t even deserve to be talked about. We have the worlds tiniest washer and dryer in our apartment. I have no idea why Mel would even consider adding more laundry! I assume nasty/gross cloth diapers should be done every day – since they are in fact nasty and gross.
Diaper Service: The diaper service delivers clean cloth diapers once a week (and of course they take away the stinky ones!).

The Start up package(which includes NO diapers) $29.75 plus tax.

  • 1 Diaper Hamper with lid (Yay a lid!!!)
  • 3 Litewrap Diapercovers
  • 2 Deodorizor Discs (translation: these things are going to stink like you wouldn’t believe!)

You can get as few or as many diapers you want in a week (for a price of course) so I went with a middle ground. 50 cloth diapers per week (clean and delivered) is $17.50

So, it seems like a ton of work AND they are super bulky! Also, I would likely stab the baby with a giant diaper pin trying to get the diaper on her. (Look at the pic…it’s just crazy! And the contraption instead of pins is is even crazier!!)

I’m all for using cloth diapers…as burp cloths…

Melissa thought she might have a solution…(since I’m so not for cloth…)

She found G Diapers online. I can only assume the “G” stands for Green.

They are a brilliant idea. They are similar to cloth diapers but they have a flushable insert (yay no stinky cloth diapers sitting around waiting to be washed) . I realize that diapers in general are expensive but, I’ll likely always go the frugal route. Gdiapers have special new born diapers and once the child gets bigger require that you buy the shell (which comes in small, medium and large…so it’s not a one time cost) they are $17 each, of course you would need more than one, what if there was leakage? 128 of the “G” refills (I just called them Gfills in my head) runs around $58.00. So I would need 3 (MINIMUM) of the covers ($51) and then two or more packs of the Gfills per month?

So the price isn’t great and honestly the last thing I want to try and do is peel the insert out of an explosive diaper! It’s also a pretty hefty investment (with the little covers…) to try it and not like it. (Melissa would also like you to have this link to the G Diapers Website)

Pamper/Huggies/Costco Brand/AKA run of the mill
Name Brand: $49.00 (For 258 diapers)
Costco (Kirkland Brand): $40.00 (216 Diapers).

Costco does carry what they call “eco-friendly disposable diapers” that are $44 (for 176 diapers).

**Note** – All diaper pricing is for the smallest size available in each type.

I love mother earth and I realize that it takes a regular diaper 500 years to biodegrade (it takes G diapers 50-150 days…)but, I think Melissa forgets that my job pays much less (*hangs head in shame*) than the crappy one I got laid off from 1 1/2 years ago. It’s not likely she has forgotten…it’s probably on the forefront of her cute little brain as she tries to budget for childcare! (SIDE NOTE: The University did just announce 3% raises…so YAY!)

(BTW: I really love my new job in spite of it’s less than awesome pay and Melissa really loves that I’m happy when I come home! And I’m not just saying that because my coworkers will read this…)

By the way – when my siblings were little and I changed diapers there were no cute cartoon characters…i’m just saying…

>Don’t wait…donate

>Two weeks ago we found out that Mel has gestational diabetes and two weeks ago many of you received an email asking for money.

Not money for me!
For our friend Kat who is going to be cycling in the Tour de Cure which benefits the American Diabetes Association and she is getting REALLY close to meeting her fund raising goal but could use a little more help! Thank you to those of you who already made contributions!

Now, i dont want to say that Kat is not athletic. However, her preferred sports are things like hula hooping, swing dancing, and baton twirling! So, she’s working really hard for this cause! (yes, she’s wearing a mustache and yes, she has better photos…but I love this one…so there!)

The American Diabetes Associations mission is: To prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Please check out Kat’s Tour de Cure (http://main.diabetes.org/goto/KatMcGhee) site and make a donation. Any amount will help her reach her goal AND it will help the American Diabetes Association AND it’s a tax write off. Time is of the essence so please donate TODAY!

Below is an account of Kat’s training session from this weekend…

Hello, all!
I am typing this from the soft comfort of my beloved bed. Why, you ask? So glad you did, because I’ll tell you! In fact, I haven’t moved from this bed in approximately five hours, since I’m pretty sure I’m now a paraplegic. You see, I just rode 25.5 miles today. On my bicycle, not on a motorized vehicle, which I really should have done (and then I’d have full use of all of my apendages). Oh, but you see, I live in San Francisco. This wasn’t just any 25 miles, oh no.
Please take a moment to take a look at the nice map I’ve so thoughtfully attached to this email. You see that yellow star, waaaaaay down at the bottom of the map?

That’s my house. See that red star, waaaaaay at the top of the map? That was our day’s destination. Normally, we’d strap the bikes to Byron’s bike rack, jump in his Audi, and 20 minutes later we’d be enjoying a nice 7 mile ride around Golden Gate Park with the other 25 million bikers that ride around the park on Sundays (Sundays are when the roads inside the park are closed to all motor vehicle traffic). However! This weekend, Byron’s beloved Audi would not start, and was towed to the mechanic to sit and wait for Monday morning. Of course, my brilliant idea of throwing our bikes on the bike racks the buses in this city so nicely provide us with and taking public transit to our destination was promptly vetoed in favor of…I can barely type it…RIDING OUR BIKES TO GOLDEN GATE PARK. Please take a moment now to once again look at the map, and notice the distance between the yellow star and the red star. Please also notice the GIANT FECKING HILL right in between those stars. Yeah, no, really.

Okay, so, I mean, there’s this nifty thing called The Wiggle in San Francisco. It’s a bike route that lets you go around that giant hill by using all of these side streets, some of which are really only created for bicycle traffic. Pretty cool, right? Well, let me just tell you that I live about 3.5 miles from the start of The Wiggle, which meant not only that we had to tackle some pretty decent hills, but also that we had to tackle potentially 3.5 miles of them. I will say that I only walked my bike up one of those hills (but it was REALLY fun riding down that hill). In my defense, I did ride up that hill on the way back (only stopping once to silently wish death upon myself so that I didn’t have to finish riding up that hill).
Anyway, so we’re troopers, we ride the 8 miles across the city, hills and all, to beautiful Golden Gate Park. The east end of Golden Gate Park. We are meeting our team mate (for our training ride. Yes, we did ride 8 miles just to GET to our training ride. Don’t worry, it gets better) at the west end of Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park’s entire loop is 7 miles. For those of you who aren’t math wizards, I’ll just tell you that it meant that, after 8 miles, we had another 3.5 miles to go before we could even START our training ride. At this point, I was hoping they’d make an exception on the park Sunday traffic rules, and just allow one little taxi cab in to pick me up and take me back home, or at least away from these crazy people.
So, we make it, and I refrain from collapsing on the grass in a heap as we wait for our teammate to unload her bike (I did, however, DEVOUR the Cliff Bar she brought for me). We then start our 7 mile training ride around the Golden Gate Park loop. There are a few small hills there too, and I’ve found that if I sing REALLY LOUDLY along with my iPod, the strange looks I get from small children distract me a little bit from the burning pain in my legs. Let’s just say that they were a lot of perplexed children in San Francisco this Sunday.
I would like to echo my former sentiment about the city of San Francisco. Whoever runs this place must be bonkers. The “Golden Gate Loop” isn’t really a loop, per se. It’s more shaped like a backwards “p”. When you get to the top, you can either turn around and go back, or you can go around the loop part…which starts off with a pretty decent hill. Byron, of course, is all for this (I really think he may have a touch of mental illness). Valerie, our teammate, is ambiguous. I am staunchly against this, as we still have 8 miles to go after we finish this ride to get home. Somehow, my vote is vetoed, and we hit the hill. By the time we get back to Valerie’s car, I abandoned my bike and jump on a packet of energy gel like I’m a starving fashion model and it was the last piece of celery at the photo shoot. As Valerie gets all packed up, I am unceremoniously informed that not only do we have to ride the 8 miles home, but to get there, we have to ride BACK to the west side of the park. Oh yes, another 3.5 miles. This, my friends, is when I realized my teammates were seriously planning to kill me.
Thankfully, we all made it home without much incident. I immediately dragged myself up to my third floor apartment (who decided THAT was a good idea?) and into the best shower of my life. There was some stretching, but I’m pretty sure this will not render me able to actually make my legs move on their own volition tomorrow morning. I should be fine by Saturday afternoon, which is our last training ride before the big day (two weeks from today, May 2nd!). Oh, and did I mention that it’s exactly 14 weeks from my half-marathon, so my training runs start in earnest tomorrow? Or that my roommate somehow convinced me to do the torture that is known as the Piccolo Fondo (look at THOSE hills) in October? But those are stories for another email on another day.

In the meantime, look lively, folks! My bum is aching despite my goofy padded shorts and my legs never want to see another bike pedal again, but I’m going to keep on keeping on for the grand finale in two shorts weeks! That means you have two short weeks to donate, and to send this to all your friends to get them to donate so we can find a cure for diabetes! (Also, when someone wants to start a fundraiser to find a cure for how ridiculous people look in bike helmets, please let me know and I’ll be happy to participate). You can donate here: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/KatMcGhee, or reply to this email. To all of you that have donated, and those of you that have expressed your support, thank you so much!

>Bedding…Round 2

>Well, as many of you know I’m no longer a JC Penny online shopper because they led us to believe we could get the original bedding we wanted and alas it’s not available until mid – late summer.

So, Melissa and I went on an adventure to find new bedding this weekend. We searched EVERYWHERE (2 stores) through all of the available bedding (actually there was a lot…) in Orange County!

So, we headed to Babies R Us (geared for disappointment because we’ve been there 45 times since we found out we were going to be mommies!). We head to the back of the store, round the corner, and both said “EWWW Hummingbirds?”. We sat in the glider rockers and starred at the big wall of bedding hoping for some inspiration and low and behold our “EWWWs” turned to “AHHHs”. The brightly colored hummingbird bedding grew on us (and grew, and grew, and grew…). We even left BrU and went to Bergstroms (home of the amazing $900 Bugaboo stroller…drool) and dug through all of their selections, only to return to BrU to purchase the “Eww Hummingbirds?” bedding…

Keep in mind nothing is actually attached or arranged in a pretty manner we threw everything on to make sure we still went “ahh” when we got home and put it in her room.

Typically hummingbirds remind me of my grandmothers…but, like I said it grew on me!

My favorite part is the bright colored sheet!

Most of the colors photographed really well…except the orangey/yellowish boarder around the comforter it’s really more yellow than orange (Mel hates orange)

Update: A piece of the original Love Bird bedding arrived from JC Penny yesterday. Isnt it amazing how quickly they will ship something when you utter the words CANCEL ORDER.

Cue Conversation:

Mel: Hi I just received a piece of the order I called and canceled last week.
CSR: Really? We don’t even show that shipped.
Mel: Well, I have it and I don’t need it – I canceled because the expected ship date changed to June 15, and this is for a nursery, it’s time sensitive.
CSR: Well, I can give you a return shipping label for this and if anything else shows up just give us a call. We can’t cancel it because it doesn’t ship from us it ships from our provider.
Mel: Well, I ordered from JCP not from your provider so this is not my problem. I want it canceled and I do not want to have to deal with repackaging these items or taking them to be shipped
CSR: Let me get my supervisor.
Mel: Let’s just skip that step, we both know your supervisor doesnt have much more authority than you do…let me speak to someone in escalations.

Mel was actually very nice to the CSR (customer service rep) and told her she knew this wasnt her fault (which is probably more than I would have done). Apparently the escalations department ONLY works standard business hours…so we shall see what happens today.

I think what we’ve learned here is – Don’t piss off the pregnant girl.