>Tales of Baby Big Head..

>Assuming blogs still exist when LMC is old enough to compute and locate this blog she might find her current nickname offensive…(I love you little girl…and as your momma I can call you baby big head if I want!)

It has been several weeks since the Bonus Ultrasound with the BUL (Bonus Ultrasound Lady), who lacked bedside manner! However, Mel finally got to see her OB for the results.

Looks like LMC is growing perfectly all except her head. It’s apparently larger than it should be for how far along Mel is. The doctor said to the naked eye we wouldn’t be able to tell (WHEW!) but, the measurements needed to be taken again in a few weeks to determine if Mel would deliver vaginally or via c-section.

I think she has 2 more weeks before she gets to visit the BUL again…lucky huh!?

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of BABY BIG HEAD (<—say that in your best announcer voice!)


>Even More Conversations from Marriage…


(Click to Enlarge)

Cue Conversation:

Darcie: That shirt is pretty…
{walking away}I dont wear it often because it’s too big…
Hand me the camera so I can take your picture
Mel: Ugh…{grumbles under breath}
HEY! You like the scrapbooks – you suffer for my art!
{dejected} I know…{more grumbles}

Side note: I think she looks beautiful! (Even with her 9pm sleepy face engaged!) I would go as far to say she’s GLOWING!

>Insert Witty Title Here

>Just under 6 weeks until Melissa’s due date.

Little Miss Cotton’s statistics are starting to stack up.

She’s the size of a cantaloupe.

She should weigh 4 3/4 lbs.

She’s approximately 18 inches long.

She’s getting fatter! (To help regulate her temp)

I know we’ve got almost 6 weeks to go…but I’m already on BABY WATCH 2010! I’ve threatened Mel’s life if she leaves home without her phone and I’m still hoping and praying her water does not break in our bed! (SO GROSS!)

>Conversations from Marriage

>We have gotten a lot of hand me down stuff from Mel’s sister (and Michelle), including the breast pump. The parts that touch the body or the milk can be replaced.

Cue Conversation:

Mel: I need to look at the pump we got from my sister and see which pieces we need to replace.
Dar: Ok…
Mel: I know I need membranes…
Dar {interrupting and rocking hard}: INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE…
Mel: Glaring…unamused
Dar: By the way Michelle gave you membranes already…
Mel: Oh yea…
Dar {interrupting and rocking hard}: INSANE IN THE BRAIN!! {GRIN}

hee hee…

>And the Winner IS….

>The winner of the Starbucks Gift Card is…..

Cece Lively!

Cece and I went to college together! She’s got an adorable little girl and she’s one of the craftiest people I know!

Check out Cece’s work at one of her two sites!

Congrats Cece!!

>45 Days To Go…

>Only 45 days until Melissa’s due date!!!!!

I’m almost past the “that’s so tiny” phase when I look at LMC’s clothes…I’ve officially entered the “I can’t wait to see her in that” phase.

In one sense 45 days seems so close but in the other it seems so far away! I can’t wait to meet her, see her little face, and hold her tight! Melissa is a little afraid of “mushy” babies, you know when they have no muscle and can barely lift a finger let alone hold up their own head? But I LOVE them! “Mushy” babies have no choice but to lay in my arms and be loved…when they start wiggling it’s a little more difficult! 🙂

Thanks to all of you for commenting on yesterday’s post and entering to win the Starbucks gift card! For those of you haven’t commented yet, there is still time! The drawing will be on Monday June 28th.

The shower is in 2 weeks and I’m even more excited now!! Don’t forget to RSVP if you haven’t already done so! Melissa and I are planning a surprise for our guests!

>108th post – enter to win!

>A few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting close to my 100th post. I thought – I should do something fun, give away a prize or have a red carpet event for my 100th post. TV shows do all kinds of crazy stuff when they hit their 100th episode right?

Clearly this was just a passing thought, because I didn’t do it. Don’t ask me where my head got off to but I was SHOCKED today when it said 107 posts. What? How did this happen? How did I miss my grand plan?

So, screw it! In celebration of my 108th post, I’m giving away a Starbucks Gift Card!

All you have to do to enter to win is comment on this post and tell me which of my posts has been your favorite so far! (You will also need to feel comfortable sharing your mailing address with me – so I can send you the gift card! I won’t stalk you (except on facebook sometimes) or sale your contact information to anyone!)

Winner will be chosen Monday June 28th using random.org So start commenting people!

You should comment and tell me your favorite post even if you dont want a Starbucks gift card!

>Mommy in training…

>While I’ve been trying to prepare the animals for the babies arrival they have taken it upon themselves to prepare me for motherhood.

Many of you remember a few weeks ago Boston hurt his back (which we now know he has a narrowing spine) and had to have medicine once a day for 14 days.

Then Boston got a hot spot. I had to trim his hair, bathe him (which happens once a week anyway), and treat said hot spot.

Yesterday, they upped their game.

I’ve apparently angered the cat because he chose to not use his litter box and leave me a gift to find the second I stepped out of bed.

After, cleaning and spot botting the floor in our bedroom Melissa comes in with the dog…he has another hot spot.

While I was bathing the dog, I saw a few dead fleas wash off of him. He’s treated with Frontline so that’s not really a big deal – they jump on, they bite, they die.

The cat however, does not go outside so he is not treated with Frontline. I was concerned that the dog may have brought some in since there were 4 dead ones during bath time. Brushing the cat there was flea dirt (which I know because Melissa googled it)- Flea dirt is just a nice way of saying flea POOP!

A trip to the pet store to get cat flea shampoo. Order placed for cat frontline (or something like it)…

Cue Conversation:

Darcie: He is not going to be happy about this bath.
Mel: And you know you have to bathe him because I shouldnt be submerged in flea killing chemicals…
Darcie: umm…he’s going to claw my face off.

Melissa did have to help me…Orion is STRONG and was not pleased about the water, soap, sink comination. He MEOOOOOOOOOOOOWED really loudly at me but he didnt claw, bite or kill…which is way more than I expected.

He did scratch Mel a little once bath time was over and he was trying to haul butt out of there!

Click to enlarge!

In actuality I dont know if they were trying to prepare me for motherhood or punish me for bringing a baby into the house…either way – she’ll be here in a few short weeks!

>Two Anniversaries…

>Melissa and I started dating five years ago today. Melissa says we aren’t allowed to have two anniversaries…but I still mentally celebrate both! So while there are no gifts or hoopla today (we save that for October) there is still a celebration in my heart. I’m truly the happiest girl in the world!

There’s no doubt that Melissa and I were made for each other! I love how silly we are , but I also love our serious moments too!

She not only lets me do silly things (like ride the fake shamu), but she participates! (And usually encourages the silliness!)

We pretend to be professional bowlers! (I’m really good… I think I scored a 98 this day!)

She pretended to ask me to marry her with a palm leaf rose…I said “Umm where’s the ring?”And an hour later she asked again for real…sneaky girl!

I love this girl with all my heart.

Happy Zero Dollar/Quit Your
Job at Summer Camp
Day HBOOM I love you!

>Sleep…or lack there of

>LMC (Little Miss Cotton) is definitely getting bigger. Every wiggle, squirm, and hiccup causes Mel’s belly to seize and go crazy!

LMC has had the hiccups multiple times per day, every day for the last 5 days. I feel so sorry for her (and MEL!), I know I really hate the hiccups! Mel’s mom said that Melissa had the hiccups a lot too!

It’s a little creepy to watch Mel’s belly move – I know she’s getting crowded in there! I would like to say – those people who say “I didn’t know I was pregnant” are total liars! I do not see how it would be possible to have no idea you were pregnant!

LMC didn’t let Mel sleep at all last night. She was awake every 45 minutes…which meant I too was awake A LOT! I hope this isn’t the new trend or all of you moms who have been telling me to be sure to get plenty of sleep now neglected to mention something!

Melissa and I went to a first birthday party this weekend! It was nice! We got to spend some time with my family, play with the kiddos, and visit with other adults! I’m sure before we know it we will be cooing, caaing and goo goo gaaing way too often!

Me and the Birthday Girl!

We will be re-starting the child care search this week…a battle I had hoped was over but it’s not. I hope we can find something that works for us and our wallet!