It’s time for a giveaway…and it’s the best kind – an edible give away!

A few Halloweens back I decided I was going to make cake pops for our work Halloween party. Total fail. I learned from this experience that I can’t melt chocolate to save my life, and so now I leave the cake poppery to the professional.

Lucky for me, I have a professional in my friendship arsenal!

Meet Vanessa, owner of and baker at Nessa’s Sweet Bites.

A little about my friend:


Vanessa has always enjoyed creating new recipes and baking for all her loved ones. This was a hobby of hers for as long as she could remember. At her full-time job during the day, requests for her delectable sweet treats where becoming more frequent and well received. At the suggestion of a co-worker to go into business and to join in on some Etsy meetings, Nessa’s Sweet Bites was created. They are based in sunny Southern California, this shop ships all over the United States thanks to the ease of Etsy.

Nessa’s Sweet Bites started out with making cake pops mostly but there is definite growth in the sweets inventory and will soon include brownies, cookies and other smaller bite size treats and “JAR O’ CUPCAKES” which is a delicious cupcake and creamy frosting in a jar!

The home based bakery uses the finest ingredients for the best quality of our baked goods. Everything is made to order and very fresh. Every order is delicately made not only for the presentation but also for scrumptious results.

It was a long time getting to this point but it’s a challenge and a job that this shop is up for taking and excited to go on this baking journey.

Are you sold? Want a half dozen peanut butter cup cake pops of your very own?

After all, the Peanut Butter Cup Cake Pops  is a truffle on a stick! Homemade chocolate cake made with the best ingredients like Ghirardelli cocoa, organic eggs and rich creamy homemade Peanut Butter frosting. Dipped in dark chocolate and topped with assorted designs (including peanut butter drizzle and mini reese’s peanut butter cups). Packaged in a box and delicately decorated.

To enter the contest, comment below and tell me what your favorite cake is. Bonus question: have you ever failed (like I did) trying to make cake pops (or other desserts).

Contest closes Sunday at noon pacific time (winner be ready to send me your address, pops will ship out Monday!), One entry per reader, ships to the United States Only, if you a peanut allergy walk away…sorry friends!

And the winner is…

Contest Winner

Congratulations Kristy!


8 thoughts on “CLOSED: GIVEAWAY!

  1. Definitely chocolate- nothing like it but red velvet cake come a close second. You know I have sworn off making cake pops more than once. So why do I keep trying? I think it must be insanity. I too just can not get the melts to the right consistency:( I need to win me some pb cake pops for the hubs:)

  2. Favorite cake is a chocolate hazelnut delight I discovered at a local bakery. OMG! And yes, I’ve failed at cake pops. they simply turned into cake balls lol

  3. Yum! My absolute favorite cake is the chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter icing that my papa used to make. I have tried multiple times to make it, it just never taste as good as his… That don’t stop me from eating it though!! I have never tried to make cake pops before.. But I do love em!!!

  4. Yes, I have made cake pops before…in fact I consider myself kind of an expert. I have a knack for making rock pops. That’s right. If you would like your cake pop to resemble a conglomerate rock from geology class, then I am your baker. The deliciously gritty outer coating isn’t the real treat, oh no, it’s the inside of the pop. The rock hard cake inside the gritty outer coating, now that’s where you get the real experience of one of my cake pops. Flavor, nah. moistness, nah. Epic fail for a Pinterest wannabe?…you betcha. Red Velvet cake pops are super yummy. Mine are great doorstops. I’d rather have red velvet. My tummy can’t handle any more door stops.

  5. Better than Sex cake used to be one of my favorites. Although I won’t comment on the name and if it lived up to its potential…it was super yummy!! And I failed miserably at making brownies for my best friend before we moved from GA. She just had another baby (#4) and I was taking a meal. Thinking I would make clean up a tad easier…I used the disposable pans. Made a double batch of dinner and brownies. Presto! Everything was ready to be halved…took a meal to her sweet family and came home to ours. When we got to the brownie part of our meal…I couldn’t text her fast enough to tell her not to break a tooth on the brownies!! It was the worst batch of brownies in the history of tooth breaking brownies. Unfortunately…they had already sampled. Good thing she laughs with me and not at me!

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