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A series of unfortunate events.

Last Wednesday morning I heard Loren shuffling around in her crib, but she hadn’t called out for met yet. So, I grabbed the secret spy cam to see what she was doing. For a while, she was just standing there, in the corner waiting and then it happened…she lifted her leg and threw it over the rail, bounced a little and then brought her leg bag down. I walked over and stood by her door (just in case) and watched her continue to try and get the nerve to try and escape, eventually she gave up and called me.  I know it’s only a matter of time before she gets the nerve and that scares me.

So, Melissa and I started having a conversation about big girl beds for a girl that is still an infant in my head.  We would really like to get a daybed with a trundle, that way we have extra space when we have visitors.  After some window shopping I (well…mostly my credit card) hopes that the munchkin will keep both feet on the mattress for a while longer.  I did do some cleaning out and rearranging in Loren’s room over the weekend – one to get rid of some junk and one to at least be a little prepared if we do have to make this big girl bed switch sooner rather than later. The biggest thing I did was move the changing table, the room feels bigger to me but it must seem enormous to Loren, because she was so excited about “Mama make my room big!” she didn’t nap yesterday, she would lay and then stand and jabber about her bigger room and then lay and stand. First thing she said when she woke up this morning was “Mama make my room big!”…she’s such a silly girl!

FYI – I am soooo not ready to give up nap time…so I hope this was just a fluke!