How can we possible already be talking about preschool?

Melissa called yesterday to confirm that we are going on the “parent and me” preschool tour.  Parent and me (or Kitty and Loren…as it may be) it a great idea, it’s reasonably inexpensive and will expose Loren to life at school, and prepare her for hours without her moms OR Aunt Kitty in the coming year.

If we decide to apply AND we get in – that will guarantee her a spot in the actual big girl preschool next year, which is great! Except for the fact that I don’t want her hanging out with strangers all day that don’t watch her, feed her, or care for her as much as Melissa, Kitty or I do.

I know preschool is a good idea…Preschooled children are typically better readers, graduate high school (and go to college) and aren’t typically sent to jail – all things that I would like!Besides, I dont want her to be the dummy in her class once she hits kindergarten…so, I’m all for it!

Talking about it in theory and planning for the future is one thing…figuring out how to work it into our already tight budget will be another!

Baby Toddler steps… right?


Potty Time?

Friends without kids – I wont be offended if you skip this one…

Last night, Loren pooped in the tub…again…for the 15th time in 30 or so days. I get it…it’s nice and warm and she gets a little relaxed and well, when you gotta go…

This of course spurred an adult conversation about potty training. She isn’t ready just yet, her lack of words might make it a little difficult to tell us she needs to use the bathroom. However, we are ready but have one big hurdle to cross -What are we going to call “the potty”?

We can’t call it potty, because the dog associates potty with going outside – we clearly didn’t factor in potty training a toddler 6 1/2 years ago when we were potty training  The Worlds Cutest/Most Well Behaved Miniature Schnauzer!

The downside, all of her books regarding this subject say potty…and I’m sure DVDs do too.

What do you call the potty? What should well call it? HELP!

Big Brother/Little Sister

Loren LOVES to help. She carries clean laundry into the living to be folded (and helps by unfolding it), she loves to carry the mail, and she loves to walk the dog (including holding the leash!).

Boston (AKA – The Words Cutest/Most Well Behaved Miniature Schnauzer) is a bit passive.

For example, when Loren wants to use his bed (You know, instead of any other surface in the house) he just sort of backs up…

(Ignore the blurry girl…she’s too fast to photograph these days!)

On Friday afternoon Loren, Melissa and Boston were out for their afternoon stroll (Loren had the leash), when our neighbors dog (AKA – The Words UGLIEST Miniature Schnauzer – with apparently no training) came charging at my little family. Melissa was quick on her feet and grabbed the leash so Boston didn’t drag Loren down and then Boston (Mr. Passive) jumped in between Loren and the leashless (which is another issue) Ugly Dog and used his BIG DOG bark to protect her!

Loren LOVES Boston but I really thought he would ignore Loren forever and never forgive us for bringing her home.  They play, Loren can throw the ball for him, and she giggles the cutest giggle when Boston gently sniffs her head!

I think he’s adjusted!


Let’s be clear – the only sibling Loren will ever have will have 4 legs, 4 paws, and a beard!

We Survived the Holidays!

We Survived and Yesterday…I bought something for Loren’s Easter Basket…I’m an addict. A holiday perfecting addict.

In my defense it was on clearance!

I think Loren changes so much every day…I’ve felt a little emotional about it lately – I really hate missing out on anything. Of course after 15 non-stop days of togetherness…I was a little ready to come back to work! 🙂

Anyway – changes everyday…more words, more hair, more attitude! The only thing that hasnt changed – teeth. She still has a whopping TWO! Is this some sort of record? I mean – all the other kids at Toddlers Love Music and Swim Lesson seem to have a mouth full…and my 17 month old has TWO!

Although, teething makes her miserable – so take your time kid!



Just got an email from WordPress with this blogs statistics from 2011. I love seeing statistics! (just dont make me calculate them!)

The top four referring websites:

Facebook is no shocker…since when I post it auto posts there but I love when people click on over to our little space from someone where I’ve been before.

The most read post was One child…one mother…one other…no shock there – I think you guys thought Mel and I were having problems….when in reality we were having vital records problems! (which are now all corrected!! WOO HOO!). Spots 2 – 4 went to this gems!

And  had visitors from 6 continents!