Loren is at that age where I just can’t get enough of her.  Don’t get me wrong – we play HARD…so when it’s bed time I am usually more than ready for a break.

I’m never ready to go back to work but yesterday we decorated the Christmas tree, we baked Christmas cookies, and played non-stop! It was one of those picture perfect days that I just didn’t want to end!

This morning – I was reminded why it’s nice to get away to work! She woke up screaming – usually she wakes up and plays for 1/2 an hour quietly – giving me the time to do things like SHOWER! She’s teething – I know that was the problem…she loved on me, was hesitant eat anything – but was persuaded to have some yogurt, and refused to get more than 3 inches from me all morning.

I gave her some Tylenol so by the time Aunt Kitty arrived she was raring to go (and I was sprinting towards the shower!).

Photos from the baking extravaganza soon!


Mother of the Year Reject: Again…

Last week I was at Target and spotted something called Bath Fizzies. They were recommended for ages 3 and up…but they had Elmo on the package and were only 99cents, and Loren would be under direct supervision and well…I thought she would love the colorful water.


After getting Melissa’s permission (See, two moms are better than one…we both made the wrong choice…there is safety in numbers), we decided to go with Purple…which meant we needed a blue and a red tablet. Kerplunk in they went. The colors were so pretty, the fizzing was so cool…to 2 out of 3 people in the bathroom.

As soon as the tabs hit the water Loren let out a wail that said “HOLY CRAP I JUST SAW FREDDIE KRUGER…”…and then she backed as far away from the fizzies as possible, all whilst maintaining a death grip on my finger.  Ok, that was a fail.  They dissolved, the water was barely purple. So, I started cleaning up the fizzies ( I had dumped them out to find a blue and red)…and Loren started pointing and whining. “Oh, she must get it now…” I thought…KERPLUNK…


So – fast forward to last night.  Melissa is sick, so I’m living for bath time, which leads to bedtime.

I run the water, strip her down, pick her up and she starts screaming (Is Freddie back?) and holding her legs up (you know the – “You can’t put me down if I dont have legs” action) – I put her down she continues to cry.

Forgetting the fizzies episode from the week before I squirt a little bed time bath in while the water is still running in hope that t little bubble action would distract her from the serial killer behind me…

Bubbles are the equivelent to Freddie Kruger Bath Fizzies.

The night ended with me in the tub (clothed) hoping to show her it was not scary….It did not work.

Last nights bath was more of a wipe down.

Melissa is still sick…so maybe I’ll throw an alligator in the tub tonight!

The Best Kept Secret

I’m basking in the remembrance sleeping in.

Melissa is naturally an early riser – I am not. So, since Loren has been born (and probably before) – Melissa has always gotten up first on weekends, done breakfast, played and then I get up around 8:30 or 9 – it is (err…was) a beautiful thing.

Recently, Loren learned how to open doors. This wasn’t a big deal, because she didn’t know I was in the bedroom so she ignored the closed door…until 2 weekends ago.

Now our mornings go like this. She wakes up, eats, and immediately bangs on the bedroom door and wiggles the handle until she gets it open. She squeals and giggles with delights as soon as she see my comatose body and then she attacks.

I can’t lie – morning cuddles are amazing and the kisses and hugs flow freely – so I’m not really that upset about rising with the sun…(and by the sun I mean 7am…)

Once she’s gotten me good and awake – she gets off the bed, goes and gets a book, brings it back and we read and then she gets off the bed…goes and gets another book and we repeat this process no less than 147,413 times.

Sunday, I was sleeping really hard when she made her entrance and the first words I hear are Melissa telling Loren that it’s in her best interest to keep smiling really big because I was not going to be pleased when I saw the clock! OIY!

I used to be the best kept secret in the apartment…now I’m the most wanted toy…I’ll take it.


Because of the time change Loren was up much earlier than usual this morning. So early in fact that we made it much further than our usual dry diaper/sippy cup of milk/read a book before Aunt Kitty arrives routine. We also ate breakfast (twice), built a fort, read 14 books, banged on the closet doors (and neighbor of the year goes toooooooooooo), and pulled as many toys out of the toy box as possible!

While I was trying to fall asleep last night I was thinking about this blog and how it “had to have been 2 months since I posted”…I was relieved to find it had only been 2 weeks!

It seems like life never slows down enough to gather  my thoughts  to write here anymore! Mostly because I have been super busy at work and Melissa just took on more responsibility at work (and in turn will have a new position next school year!)- so when either of us have a few minutes we just want to spend it with Loren.

After I put her in bed – I found myself missing her. I don’t know if it’s because bedtime has become so much better or if its because she sleeps through the night now and so do we, so  in turn we have more energy!

We are going to Melissa’s parents for Thanksgiving – We are very excited to see them, but I’m a little concerned about the routine, and how she will do. When we were there for Labor Day is when Loren stopped letting us rock her to sleep, when we got home we started the new routine and it’s dreamy! She gets a bath, we read a book, and we lay her down – and poof she sleeps – like a freaking dream. I’m not sure if she will do so hot in the pack in play, in a “strange” room…blah blah blah! I guess we will see very soon!

Loren still refuses to say Mama and Mommy – she actually did call Melissa Mommy last week and it was the sweetest thing – the look on Melissa’s face was truly priceless.

She has consistently been calling me DA – Melissa and Kitty try to make me feel better by telling me it’s probably because she hears everyone call me Darcie – but I’m not fooled – if someone hands her something and tells her to “take this to Mama” she heads right on over to me!

Words she knows (and we know….but you wouldn’t have a clue what she’s saying).

Dog – daaaaa (sometimes it has a G…but only sometimes)

Fish – baaaaaaah? (yes, it always sounds like a question – and fish only exist in tattoo form on my ankle…she loves to “find the fish” she can also do the sign for fish).

Book – Buuuuuuuuuuuuu (We read a lot of buuuuus, house rule – if she brings you a book you stop whatever you are doing and read it!)

Up  – uhh uhh uhh (When she says this she claps twice, because when we were teaching her to lift her arms to be picked up I would clap…twice)

There are a few more…but I can’t think of them right now…and Melissa didn’t answer her phone. She must being doing work at work again…bah!

While we were Trick or Treating, Loren saw a motorcycle parked in a carport and called it a dog! 🙂

My Little Lady Bug

There are obviously better photos of Melissa and Loren in their Star Trek costumes, but this one is by far my favorite!

"I dont wanna be red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"