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>New Years Resolutions…

>Do you have any resolutions for the new year?

My mother in law plans to lose 25 lbs!

Loren said she’s going to learn how to sit up, crawl and maybe even walk! She also vowed to get a few teeth and utter a few words! The girl has a busy year ahead of her!

I personally have never been one to make New Years resolutions…mostly because I suck at keeping them! This year I’m going to try and make it happen. I’m so easily irritated by things that are so unimportant and don’t really matter! I’m going to try and let it go in 2011! Mostly when I’m driving. It seems like I’m always in a hurry…I get so irritated when things slow me down (like the lady who’s kid gave me the finger and who YELLED at me today because I honked at her…granted she was in the wrong…but WHO CARES if she needed time to get her milkshake in order) or when I catch every light en route to my destination.

The thing is I very rarely run late. We almost always leave early and there’s very rarely a reason to rush. So next year I’m calming down, being patient and enjoying Melissa and Loren. If I’m late then I’m late!

>Melissa Called Me OLD!

>Melissa said I’m not allowed to put our “conversation from marriage” from earlier in my blog. She didn’t however give me any limitations on what I could title this post!

Honestly, maybe she’s right! OR maybe the lack of sleep is catching up to me! I’m not easily surprised…mostly because I’m so nosy that I hear, see, and notice everything. (Melissa is none of those things! I’ve wrapped everyone of her gifts whiles shes in the room…) So, come Christmas/Birthday time Mel has to be super sleuthy (that’s a word…right?)…in previous years no unwrapped package was safe. This year…I’ve ignored half open boxes, big padded envelopes on the dining room table and everything else. Maybe it’s because I got my “big gift” for my birthday? Maybe I’m (finally) all grown up and just more excited about Loren’s first Christmas? Or maybe 30 is the new 75? (KIDDING!)

Ehh…I’m going to go shake a gift for the hell of it!

Merry Christmas Eve! 🙂


>I can’t wait until Loren is old enough to truly enjoy the holiday season like I do.

To be honest, there’s nothing that I don’t like about it! I love to shop for everyone, I love to decorate and I especially love to wrap!

I can’t wait to have family traditions that we MUST do every year. We are having Christmas tree and snowman shaped pancakes for breakfast Christmas morning (even tho Loren will have milk with a side of milk) and we all have cheesy holiday themed pajamas!

I need to find a cute “cookies for santa” plate…when I was little we always left the Christmas Tree shaped Little Debbie cakes for Santa! We always got one gift on Christmas Eve (Mel always got her pajamas as hers…).

What are your favorite traditions? Do you have any fun suggestions that we could do with Loren?

>Dunk, Sprinkle, Pour

>I grew up Baptist and Melissa grew up Catholic so when the discussion of baptizing Loren arose we had a lot of ground to cover. For starters we needed to decide if we wanted to (Baptists “dedicate” and kids choose to be baptized when they are ready…Catholics Baptize and then confirm), we needed to find a church that followed our beliefs (I realize that sounds backwards) and one that accepted us as a family. When you narrow it down that much your options are quite limited.

To clarify, my statement about following our beliefs – there are ALOT of churches out there that are TOOOOOTALLLY ok with the gays, their marriage, and them having kids….some of them are just CRAZY! (I call them “sunshine and hugs”….which is not what we were looking for)…we were trying to avoid CRAZY. All we knew for certain is we definitely weren’t baptist, catholic or CRAZY!

So after many visits to several churches we’ve found one and luckily for us it’s way closer than we thought it would be! ( I honestly feared we were going to have to drive to LA for church…oiy).

So, Loren will be baptized next month!

>Intrigued by Momma’s face!

>I wish I had a picture to show you of Loren’s latest development. I believe you would get a good laugh.

Not only has Loren recently realized (much to Bostons dismay) that we have a dog! She has also realized that her moms have faces! So, we’ve gone from “cuddly cute snuggle time” to “ohhhh let me grab your nose, chin, cheek or any any other facial protrusion you have!”…It pretty funny (unless her nails need to be trimmed!).

On an unrelated note….

Conversations from marriage:

Mel: Have you noticed how many people don’t sign their Christmas cards?
Dar: You mean photo cards?
Mel: Yea…you should always sign your Christmas cards.
Dar: Ummm I didn’t sign ours…
Mel: You didnt?
Dar: Nope…our names are printed on them!
Mel: You should sign them…
Dar: Hmmm…maybe I’ll let you do them next year….
Mel: Umm…

>Day One: Crib Transition


The Scene:The normal bath, boob, bed routine is in progress….

7:00 pm – bath time followed by food time
8:00pm – put sleeping Loren in crib.
8:01 pm – Loren wakes up
8:15 pm – Melissa decides she can’t be soothed back to sleep. So I rock her.
8:20pm – Loren is passed out in my arms
9:00pm – Melissa puts Loren in her crib. (and goes to sleep in her room on the air mattress)
9:40 pm – Loren wakes up. Melissa tries to soothe her, rock her, feed her…
10:40pm – Melissa (in tears) brings Loren (who is whimpers/sobbing/crying in her sleep) to me and declares a new plan is needed.

So, I pulled out the bassinet and it seems to work until 12:40am even after being rocked every time Melissa lays Loren in her bassinet she wakes up. So I rocked her, laid her down and SHE WAKES UP!

She finally went back to sleep IN THE BASSINET but ONLY if Melissa’s arm was in the bassinet with her.

She also rose for the day at 5:20…this is one tired momma…

Let’s hope tonight is a little easier…PLEASE