What Teeth?

Every single time Loren gets fussy people say to us “maybe she’s finally getting teeth”  Well, here we are one week from her first birthday and there are still not teeth.

However, at 2:30 this morning I woke up because I could hear Loren crying and found Melissa glaring at the monitor (which had been turned to silent)…when I inquired as to what was happening I was told that Loren was only sleeping in 20 minute increments…and after I inquired further about food/gas I actually said “Maybe she’s finally getting teeth?”

So, I rocked her and as sooooon as I layed her down she flopped onto her stomach and started pulling on her ear. The screaming did stop for a few minutes when she was distracted by the glow worm my sister sent her a few months ago…

So, Tylenol was administered and once it kicked it she slept…until after I left for work this morning (It’s weird that I havent seen her today… ).

So again, MAYBE she’s finally getting teeth.

I think she’s just trying to test me with this taking a step (did I tell you guys she took a step?…only one and only once) and trying to push teeth trough because I told her she couldn’t have any more major events because I was tired of scrapbooking…


An Update…

Because nothing is “standard” in our lives the paralegal isn’t exactly sure how to  fix our vital records problem, albeit, she has some ideas. I’ll take it.

Today, she is going to file an adoption addendum.  In theory, it will go before the judge (in the next two or so weeks), she ( I assume it’ll be the same one we saw?) will sign it, and we will get ANOTHER birth certificate in the next 12 months.

If things do not go according to plan, then she will do some more research and try to determine exactly what the hell needs to happen to fix this issue.

On a bright note, when Melissa asked “So, where do I stand legally”…the answer was a positive one…”in the courts eyes…blah blah…legal guardian…blah blah”

One Mom…One Child…One “Other”…

**There seems to be a little confusion regarding this post…so, if you havent read yesterdays post…start there! (*”She who must not be named” IS NOT MELISSA! Melissa and I are NOT  having ANY PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER!…Seriously…read yesterdays post…and message me if you need the password!)**

Ok, so the appointment has been made with “she who must not be named”  for tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s what I’m hoping for:

  • It’s an easy fix.
  • Not to spend anymore money…ESPECIALLY on “she who must not be named”.
  • Not to do anyone bodily hard regarding this matter.

In the last few days we’ve been trying to be positive. By cracking jokes. While we couldn’t be further from amused…sometimes it’s easier to just laugh.

My friend Erik sent me this text when I said something about how smart Loren was when playing with electronics:

“She is Melissa’s child I would expect no less…well I guess this week she is just your child…stupid vital records!”

Melissa thinks she should now be a paid child care provider…since she’s “no longer Loren’s mother”…

Beth and Laura think we are being Punk’d and that Ashton Kutcher will jump out at any minute…I’m still waiting…but I didn’t have the heart to tell them that show hasn’t been on the air in YEARS!

The overall reaction: This is a pain in the ass.

More after our meeting with…

Hiatus Over

You would think being on vacation I would have MORE time to blog…you would be wrong.

Traveling with Loren sort of takes away all down time. While it’s amazing to be away it’s far more difficult for some reason. Thank goodness for “Grandma” who’s willing to change ANY DIAPER(and who apparently LOVES to do laundry!) and for “Grandpa” who was in charge of the first nap of every day!

Today is our first full day home and Melissa said to me this morning…”I really missed my dad this morning – I’m already exhausted!”

While things didn’t go according to plan we still had a really great time!

We spent three nights in Vegas, which I was a little concerned about with a baby, but she was a CHAMPION!

We saw David Copperfield – AAAAMAZING.

Visited The Bodies Exhibition: A little creepy(mostly the babies were creepy) and I’m totally baffled as to why there were no women on display (except for bits and pieces.).

We also did The CSI: Experience! I’m thinking of applying for a job!

There are a ton of pictures…that have already been posted to facebook…and they are on Melissa’s computer…so you’re arent getting those!

On the Road…again…sort of…

Remember yesterdays positive and cheery post about our RV adventure?

Scratch that! We were geared up and ready to go, literally pulling away and one of the balancing jacks was stuck down, we couldn’t move.

Four hours later the jack had finally been removed and we turned around and headed home. Since we couldn’t balance the motorhome without it there was no way we could continue on. So, 12 (ish) hours of driving and we really got nowhere…except the place spent the night, Tonopah,NV…aka the middle of nowhere!

We later learned the massive wind storm (which was only slightly scary) the night before had bent the jack!

We are going to Vegas for a few days…do the touristy stuff the always gets skipped!

On the Road…Day One

We are on vacation! We left home last Friday and headed to Melissa’s parents for a few days.

Now, we are in the motor-home headed for Lake Tahoe!

To say Melissa and I were a little worried about taking an 11 month old in an RV would be an understatement…but day one wasnt so bad!

We drove about half way and then stopped for the day….considering Loren had to be strapped in her carseat for about six hours she did really well!

As far as I can tell we are in the middle of nowhere…Tonapah, NV…I think they MAY have a McDonald’s!

Once we let her out she was on a path of destruction! Every toy we brought with us was out and scattered throughout!!!!


We were all up with the sun this morning for Day 2…we aren’t up because we are heading out…we are up because Loren and Larry naturally rise with the sun…which means we all do!

We should hit Tahoe this afternoon!

More soon! 🙂