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>Easy Vs. Difficult

>I miss my wife. I miss my bed.

Loren sleeping in our bed means a few things. Melissa sleeps like crap. I spend most nights on the couch. Loren, she’s well rested…but she’s the only one!

We had hoped that moving her to our bed would be a solution (temporary…but nonetheless…) but in my opinion it’s worse that it was before. My sweet child wakes up the second we lay her down in her pack n play.

I honestly dont know how Melissa sleeps with her every night. She slept with me for 30 minutes this morning and I feel like I was run over by a truck!

I know supper nanny is retiring but do you think she could come sleep train my child?

>The Reach

>For the last few weeks I’ve been whining that Loren never reaches for me or Mel. She reaches for toys that we are holding, she reaches for my necklace and she launches towards the dog, but never to me…until today!

This morning Melissa and Loren took Elisabeth to the airport and apparently half way home Loren was done riding in her car seat and by the time they pulled into our parking lot she was in stage four meltdown mode. I would have not known any of this because the second she saw me she was smiling and laughing and then it happened…she leaned, reached, grinned and grabbed onto ME! (SQUEAL!)

The funniest part was that after I was holding her she gave me a few snorts and whimpers to let me know that Mommy let her cry in the car seat for a long long 2 minutes. Already the drama queen!

This, coupled with the fact that Melissa is home today for Presidents day made leaving very difficult this morning.

>The Know It Alls

>It’s no secret that Melissa and I are first time parents. Every new task is a learning adventure.

We do very little without researching, reading and educating ourselves on the subject. Well, lets be honest…Melissa does the researching and reading and then educates me (she is a teacher after all). Nonetheless, we are NOT carelessly shoving jars of baby food down Loren, giving her baby cereal, formula or anything else without great care.

You guys, we even wipe her hands and face after every stranger at church thinks they should hold her hand or touch her face! (eww germs!)

Yet I’m still amazed to hear other mom’s say “I can’t believe you…”. I’m not sure what makes all moms experts or the authority on parenting but I have to say it’s a little annoying.

Of course, there’s also the complete other end of the spectrum, our friends who don’t have kids. They are so shocked when we will spend an entire day at Disneyland with them but not meet them for dinner at 7pm (aka – bedtime). (I’m sure the know it all moms are shocked we took her to Disney…she strolled and people watched you guys…we didn’t take her on Splash Mountain!)

At the end of the day we make the decisions that best suit our family and what we think works best for Loren. She LOVES being out, she doesn’t get overstimulated and she even naps on schedule in her stroller or in the ergo!

Lets face it…if Loren’s happy so are her moms!

>The Things We Said We Wouldnt Do: The Growing List

>Remember when we really didn’t want to use pacifiers? Well we should buy stock in those little things…

Now we are knee deep in the battle of sleep. The biggest problem is that we are weak in the middle of the night. Who has the wherewithal to sleep train at 2am? So, Loren has been sleeping in our bed and because Melissa is afraid she will roll over and suffocate herself (because she loves to sleep FACE down!)so she lets her lay on her arm and therefore Melissa sleeps like crap all night long. Yes, we have a bassinet that is next to our bed. (I imagine Loren’s inner monologue to be saying “yeah…a cold lonely bassinet…”)

I’m sure she sleeps like a charm because it’s warm in our bed. Can babies use heating pads? (I’m joking…sort of)

I know many of you are BIG FANS OF CRYING IT OUT! We aren’t. We wont do it…thanks for the advice but we will figure this out!

Melissa started reading a “no cry” sleep book last week and has been charting our patterns. We shall see where this takes us…

Also, I’m at work with a hole in my pants today – why didn’t I notice that while I was at home! BAH!


>Every time I wake up I have a song stuck in my head, it doesnt matter if I wake up at 2am or 10am…I’m singing a tune! Sometimes it’s a new song I’ve heard that I’m obsessing over and playing on repeat. Other times it’s a song I haven’t heard in a while but almost always it’s a song I like! (with the exception of Human by the Killers…that one just gets stuck for no apparent reason!).

This morning I woke up at 2:30am singing the farm song that Loren’s jumperoo plays! (WHAT!) For that matter, not only was I singing it, I dont even know all the words. So, when I got to work I emailed this to Melissa:


Can you find (or do you know) the lyrics to the song the jumperoo sings?

Lots of friends live on the farm come along with me
bblah alisjdfljwo and animals to see
roosters crow blahablah blah and cows say moo…


If Loren weren’t so cute bouncing in that thing…or if I didn’t feel the need to bob along with her and sing to her while she bounces none of this would be an issue.

Here are the actual lyrics…you know minus the BLAH BLAH BLAHs.

Lots of friends live on the farm come along with me
Theres so much for us to do and animals to see!!!!
Ducks and Lambs and Horses too!
Roosters crow and Cows say MOOOOO!
We all love to play with you on the farm!!!