I keep forgetting to share Halloween photos…of course I keep forgetting my own name because I have toddlermombrain…

Over the summer Loren became obsessed with Doc McStuffins so it was an obvious choice. Here’s the thing – there were ZERO pre-fab Doc costumes out there…we started thinking we should have gone with out second choice, Minnie Mouse – but we couldn’t let our Loren’s desire to be Doc for a day go!

So, Melissa and I set off to pull together everything we needed for a Doc McStuffins costume…and I think we nailed it! (This comparison is also for everyone without kids that asked “Who’s Doc McStuffins!?)

We ordered the sweater from etsy. The lady already made a similar sweater in pink, so she made one for us in purple!

The skirt was on uber clearance for $2.00 at Target.

We ordered the lab coat online (I can’t remember where) and had it embroidered to say “Doc McStuffins”.

We ordered the headband from etsy.

The tights are actually leg warmers from amazon.

We already had the pink sparkly sketchers.
Aside from the fact that it was far to warm for a sweater, a lab coat and leg warmers – it was a huge success!

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