>Mel just sent me a link from Zazzle of the onsies that best describe our personalities!

(click photo to enlarge)

I think she’s spot on!


>I’m seeing green (and pink!)

>Melissa called me at work to tell me that I needed to pick up a package from the leasing office on my way home. While en route I realize it should be the BABY BOOK Mel’s mom ordered for Little Miss Cotton!

We finally decided on the Baby Memory Book by Tessera – it’s kiwi green and the cover is leather! (They had a pink one but the cover wasn’t leather and it didn’t look as nice!) It came from babysakes.com, they have several options for same sex parents, single parents and adoptive parents!

(click photo for larger image)

So, I grab the box and panic – the box was HUGE! Have you ever seen the Martha Stewart scrapbooks at the craft store? They are 18×18…HUGE! That’s what I was imagining we had chosen and all I could think was “Crap, this isn’t going to fit on the book shelf!”.

False alarm, it’s the perfect size! We’ve already filled in some of the pages and I need to add some ultrasound photos! I will give our child a mostly complete baby book…she doesn’t really care who the World leaders were when she was born, does she?

>The case of the earless bunny…

>I forgot to tell you that Melissa failed her first test ever! Her glucose test! Although she swears she studied, she failed and is required to take the three hour test next week. She’s extremely perplexed that they have to draw blood three times and that she only has two arms…

Before she can take the big test she has to go on a high carb diet which, is going to be a little difficult for someone who is allergic to wheat. She’s stock piled the kitchen with every fruit imaginable and has had to give up her addiction of candy. Yes, I know candy has a lot of carbs…but she is only allowed something like two teaspoons of refined sugar a day.

There’s no question on why I’m overweight…I love chocolate…milk, white, cake, candy, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered chocolate…you get my point? Mel on the other hand typically prefers her candy to be hard/sour, until she got pregnant that is…

End of the day conversation:

Mel: I walked around the mall today…
Dar: Oh yeah? Did you buy me anything? {grin}
Mel: No, I got stalked by the employee of the maternity store and then…
Dar: Then?
Mel: {sad sigh} The See’s Candy kiosk was out in the mall since Easter is this weekend…
Dar: Ok?
Mel: All those bunnies were saying “Mel bite my ears off…” {hangs head in shame}

Let’s hope she can make it through the week and pass her glucose test on Monday! Study hard babe!

>133 (ish) days to go…

>Hello to my avid readers! I know you are accustomed to having a new blog bright and early (Pacific Standard Time that is…) but today is the first day of our Spring II term and boy am I busy. My phone is ringing off the hook and our students are in a frenzy on this beautiful Southern California day!

So here are a few high points from the last few days…

  • 133 days (ish) until Little Miss Cotton arrives. It seems like so far away!
  • I made an appointment for the end of May to have a 3d/4d ultrasound done. Melissa thinks the 4d makes babies look like aliens…and she is REALLY {insert sarcasm} excited to have a room full of people around while she’s getting goop rubbed all over her tummy! I tried to tell her no one is going to look at her all they want to see is Little Miss Cotton!
  • Baby C got her first box of loot from Grandma Sue (Mel’s mom) and she now officially has more clothes, socks, and shoes than Melissa and I do…
  • We are officially behind on the laundry because we have so many baby clothes and maternity clothes to be washed!
  • Boston and Orion still aren’t sure about what’s going on with all the new smells (i.e. clothes, mattress, and all kinds other baby stuff that has made it’s way into our apartment.)

I think that’s it for now…sorry today was a little BORING! I hope to be back to my normal blogtastic self tomorrow!

>Do babies have gills?

>I always joke that to grow up in the south you have to come equipped with gills because it’s so humid it’s like living under water. I, of course, do not actually think babies have gills but, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be cool!

End of the day chit chat…

Dar: Babe, I don’t under stand why the baby doesn’t drown….
Mel: Well, babies lungs don’t develop until the end of pregnancy.
Dar: Right…but how do they breathe?
Mel: I assume she gets all of the oxygen she needs from the blood shes stealing from me and through the umbilical cord…
Dar: Oh…that doeeees make sense…

By no means am I an unintelligent person. However, I REALLY need to learn to think and then speak.

I could keep this stuff to myself but then you guys would get bored with me and I think I’ll learn my lesson faster if I have to suffer the sheer embarrassment of the inter-webs knowing my secrets!

>Registration in progress..

>Well, now that we know we are having a girl we are in full blown picking, planning, and preparation mode! We have finally chosen the furniture and ordered it! I’m waiting on the bedding to arrive so I can pick paint and try my hand at making the cute little letters!

We did our baby registry this week. What a nightmare! Babies R Us should have mastered the baby registry process at this point. Our items didn’t show up online so I had to call. Apparently the gun malfunctioned during the upload and had to be reset. Finally everything was uploaded and EVERY item we added in the store was showing up as “available in store only”. Because we know a lot of our family and friends like to shop online we had to delete and re-add every thing we added in the store so it would be available online. What a pain…why did we even bother going into the store again? We’re also doing a registry at amazon…that was much easier!

Our first baby essential arrived today – the vibrating mattress! It will be a few days before the crib arrives, I have a feeling the mattress is feeling a little lonely all by itself!

I’m going to take “before” pictures today so I can show you guys the room makeover. I wish I had thought to takes photos before the room was empty or we had the carpet cleaned! I also meant to document Mel and I using the gun at Babies R Us…man…

Side note, I had my lap band adjusted this week. The adjustment went much smoother than last time. I definitely feel like I have restriction on my stomach now, I can only eat a few bites at a time. So standby for major weight loss!!!

>Shoot, darn and crap…

>By no means am I a sailor but, on occasion I use words that aren’t suitable for those under 12 (or maybe 20…). However, it’s been brought to my attention that as we prepare for Little Miss Cotton’s arrival that I need to prepare by slightly altering some of the words I choose to use when angry, irritated or just plain pissed (err..ticked?) off.

The end of the evening conversation –

Dar: So, it’s like 7th grade and I’m limited to piss and hell?
Mel: Yep
Dar: Damn
Mel: NO!

Melissa says that she will be very upset if our little girls first word even resembles “douche bag”, which is my preferred descriptive word regarding the majority of drivers in California.


>Letters with a side of extortion?

>I’ve been on the prowl for cute letters to make Little Miss Cotton’s name out of to go over her crib.

I found some that I really like today! I was then kicked swiftly in gut when I saw the price tag, $21.95 PER LETTER (HOLY MOLY!) so, I’m going to take a trip to the craft store and attempt to make my own equally adorable version…I’ll let you guys know how that goes…
I wont say that I’m not crafty at all…but I’m not sure how well this will turn out!

Melissa has suggested that I extort our friends and family. She says that to raise money for the overly adorable (and painfully priced) letters I should charge $5 per letter of the babies name! Of course, the evil pregnant woman that she is also said that I would not be allowed to give the letters in order! (Put away your checkbook Michelle, she was only kidding!)

Side note: For my pregnant friends who can afford $21.95 per letter – please buy them here!
They have some super cute little boy letters as well!

>love birds…

>I think Melissa has FINALLY chosen the furniture she likes for the nursery! In addition to pregnancy brain she has also become very indecisive! (I don’t have a photo of the bed…but I know it’s white…well last night when she said “OK I’ve picked a bed” it was white…It may be lime green today! Love you babe!)

Here’s the little birdy bedding we’ve chosen (it’s called Banana Fish Love Bird) and I love it! The first time I showed it to Mel she said “eww I hate birds” and the last time she said “oh that’s cute”… I asked her what changed her mind and she said “Oh I just made my firefox task bar cute little birds like those!”…

Of course, Mel hates pink and I love it (gasp!) however, since the bedding is pink the walls won’t be…which I think makes her very happy!

I’m also going to put this tree on the wall…somewhere in her room!

I’m starting to run out of things to share with you guys…any questions? I’m like an open book!

>Haaaaii YAH!

>Every week I get an email that tells me what’s new in utero. I found this statement to be hilarious:

“You may soon feel like she’s practicing martial arts as her initial fluttering
movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges.”

I find this hilarious because Melissa already feels her moving and during the ultrasound it looked like she was peddling an invisible bicycle! Melissa is going to be in for a rude awakening when those little feet can reach her bladder!

In addition to learning jazzercize this week she has also developed eyebrows and eyelids!