Last night Loren toddled over with The Poky Little Puppy and demanded we read.

It wasn’t the first book we had read, so I was game.

I quickly learned The Poky Little Puppy has far too many words for my little speed reader, so instead of reading we discussed the pictures on each page.

Then it happened – I said “ohhh, they are sleeping” and Loren lifted her cute little toddlery finger to her mouth and said “shhhhh”.

I was impressed. Sort of like the first time she signed dog or said DA! (dog) – I hate how fast she’s growing but I’m in awe of every little accomplishment!

I quit Lent. I lasted 7 days. I didn’t actually find it that hard to give up Facebook – I just found that I was uninformed about my friends and the goings on in the world – today – I found out that Davy Jones died…and he was apparently a Monkee. Although, I thought he had a locker in the Pirates of the Caribbean or something. My overall goal is to spend less time on Facebook – not just for Lent – but in general. I don’t have to give it up all together in order to spend time with my family and be with them and not with the virtual world!

New neighbors moved in next door – start all of your prayers, positive thinking, and anything else that will make them the quiet sort.

I’ve also discovered that people who do not strap their children into car seats correctly drive me batty. Twisted/Loose Straps – are people allowing their children to strap themselves in? What is going on here?



uh-oh up uh-oh up uh-oh up

Loren has lost all concept of what “uh-oh” really means.

Throws sippy cup – “uh-oh”

Locks the bedroom door and can’t get out – = “uh-oh”

The dog is sitting in her way = “uh-oh”

Knocks the tricycle over onto herself = “uh-oh” (which from my angle looked like much more than an UHOH!)

This morning, during my entire shower, I could hear her on the monitor – obviously ready to get out of her bed.

“Up! Uh-Oh! Up! Mama! NANANANANANANANA UP! Up! Mama! Uh-oh!”

Also, her “Uh-Oh” sounds more like “UT-OH”

I love this kid, she’s hilarious (and doesn’t even know it!).



Facebook Rehab

As my faithful, loyal and greatly missed Facebook friends know – I gave up Facebook for Lent. To be very honest it’s so consuming – I probably check my phone 75  times a day to see what everyone is up to. That’s just not healthy. I love knowing the ins and outs of everyone’s day/life – but I also really want to focus on being present in my own life. Absorbing Loren and Melissa, focusing on us and being less distracted at work (as I write this from my cubicle!).  So today – Day 1 Facebook free (there better be a coin at the end of 30!) hasn’t been so bad. Out of habit I have picked up my phone a few times, but since I deleted FB before I went to bed last night, I didn’t fail! Since this blog auto posts to Facebook – “Hi friends – miss you!”

Loren surprised her moms last night during tooth brushing time – she suddenly has SIX teeth! Three molars, the two bottom (which she already had!) and one more on the top! No wonder she’s been a little grumpy pants the last week. However, I will say – while I was doubtful of that little amber teething necklace I am now a believer! If she can get three molars with just a little crankiness – that thing must be working. Also…there was no drool.

We did Loren’s 18 month photos with our fabulous friends over at i Photography Studio. Here’s a little sneaky peeky of our little outing!

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Pouty Face

Someone, is getting an opinion and an attitude.

Wednesday, when I got home from work, Loren and I walked to the optometrist  to pick up my contacts – she was in a great mood! She was amazed by all the frames (she’s a little obsessed with my glasses and everyone’s sunglasses!) and I swear she pointed to a statue, i said “that’s Buddha” and she said “Buddha?” as clear as day…but still refuses to say MOMMY.

About half way home she wanted out of the stroller – so I let her out and she was running and walking next to me.  Three minutes in she wanted to be carried – when I wouldn’t pick her up she walked over to the end of the sidewalk, turned her back to me, hung her head and refused to make eye contact and made a little Hmph noise in my general direction (I swear her arms were even crossed!).  I plopped her into the stroller and we kept moving.

Once we got near home she spotted some balloons tied to a stop sign advertising a cookie sale…apparently the temptation at work and the grocery store isn’t enough – now little girls are selling those freaking cookies in my neighborhood! I digress, so I let Loren back out of the stroller to ogle the balloons – and again she wants to be carried – this time I was awarded a “sit down on the side walk and wail” kind of fit!

We walked the last little bit with her being carried and me precariously trying to push the stroller.

Note to self – do not leave home without the Ergo.

*She’s really cute when she pouts and gives me attitude…I assume that’s going to wear off!

My 18 Month Old

It’s really hard to believe that it’s been SIX months since Loren turned one! I was just looking at her 1 year photos and she’s already changed so much  – most notably – she has way more hair…I imagine I will be saying this exact same thing on her two year post!

She’s teething – tooth number THREE is making its way through! I can’t believe it, I really thought she would graduate college with those two little bottom teeth…but it looks like she will add a FANG to the mix!

She still says lots of words that no one else understands, and a bunch that only Melissa, Kitty or I can understand:

Words she says:

  • Yeah (Which is my favorite!)
  • Dog (Still sounds like DA!)
  • Up
  • No
  • Help
  • Hi
  • Bye
  • UhOh
  • Bubbles (sort of…)
  • Ball (Ba)
  • Maaaaaaa

Words she signs:

  • More
  • Frog (she’s very good at spotting frogs!)
  • Dog
  • Shoes
  • Eat
  • Thank You
  • Bird (She does this backwards…but I love it!)
  • Fish
  • Car
  • Cat

18 Month Well Baby visit Stats:

Weight: 22 lbs 12 oz (25th percentile)

Height: 31 1/4 inches (50th percentile)

Head Circumference: 47 cm (still large!)

The doctor said she’s on target with her words and since she’s getting a “fang” tooth – she’s likely getting all for of the top front teeth at the same time (JOY!).  She didn’t handle her vaccines as well as she has in the past – HOWEVER – the best news of all is she wont need another one until she’s FOUR!

If you were on Facebook – you probably saw these photos last night!

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We are still completely smitten with this little girl – definitely her moms heart!