Last week was challenging. Most because I was super duper slammed at work.

By yesterday – I was done. I just wanted to be home with my girls.

Melissa called me – a little flustered…Loren was being too smart for her.

1. Loren took Melissa’s keys. The next time she saw them Loren had taken them and inserted one into the keyhole on her toy door.

2. Loren not only climbed up to the table to steal Melissa’s pen, she also took the paper she had been writing on. The next time Melissa looked down Loren was pretending to write.

3. Loren put Melissa’s cell phone into a menu she had never seen before. She also deleted the majority of her contacts…


We fear our one year old…what will we do when she’s 10?

Loren’s first flower girl gig is today…happy thoughts she actually WALKS down the aisle…


Why can’t it just be a toy?

Do toys exist anymore? I mean, toys that are just FUN and do not stimulate some sort of learning process?

The same toys that Loren plays with today didn’t promote dexterity or spacial reasoning when I played with them thirty years ago.

I just saw this really cute sailboat swing and it’s tagline was something about how my child could learn from it. Don’t get me wrong – I want her to learn – but she is allowed to just have fun, too!


She grows…and grows…and grows

At Loren’s last well baby visit the doctor apparently asked – “can she identify at least two body parts?” – oh hell, we haven’t been practicing that.

Good News – she can now point to her head when we ask “Loren, where’s your head?”…

The bad news – she will probably think all ankles are called FISH…oops

She also said Moo when asked what sound a cow makes…that’s better than a body part…right?

I’m told that they are working on learning body parts at baby gym….we should totally nail the next Dr. appt!