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>Loren Must Respect Metallica

>Tonight we were all in the car headed for home and Loren decided she had had ENOUGH!

Stage four meltdown and no jingling, binkie inserting or talking to her was changing her mind.

So after 10 minutes of screaming Metallica (Enter Sandman) comes on the radio and this conversation happens.

Mel: (Turning up the music) Loren, you can’t cry during Metallica
Loren: (Goes silent like she understood) sniffle
Mel: (Singing) Hush little baby dont say a word….
Loren: (Still quiet)
Darcie: This is unreal…I’m downloading some Metallica
Mel: (Laughs)
Loren: (Starts screaming again after like 90 seconds…)

Crazy right? I’m telling you her timing is impeccable.

>Been around the world and i i i

>Loren is a bit of a travel hog! We’ve already visited Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona and gone to the Grand Canyon.

Soon she will get to visit Aunt Mo, Michael and Elisabeth in San Francisco AND she gets to go on her first plane ride to meet my family for the coming holiday!

Did I mention that I’ll be thirty in less than a month? I didn’t get to see the Grand Canyon OR San Francisco until I was almost THIRTY!!!

Sadly, baby bonding time is flying by. Even after a day like today and a night like last night I’m enjoying every minute of it! December 6th (My date of return to work) seems too be approaching way to fast! However, I know she will love spending time with her Aunt Kitty!

That’s all from here…for now! 3 month photos tomorrow! 🙂

>Another Adoption Update

>We met with the social worker today for the adoption interview.

We started separate (which was a little unnerving!) and then Loren and I joined Melissa to answer a few questions. Loren wouldn’t shut up about how awesome I am (she may have over sold me!).

Now they are sending out letters to my referrals and once they get two of those back she will write her report. You hear that referrals – turn around is KEY!

Then we go before the judge.

It was honestly much better than I expected. I was really nervous but Nancy (the social worker) was very nice and very personable.

Stay tuned…

I will feel so good once this process is over!