>I dream of…WTF?

>I dream A LOT…if I wake up soon there after I usually remember my dreams.

Some are good…some are bad…some are sad…

Last week I dreamed I beat my dad (who’s dead) over the head with a motor cycle helmet for stealing my mom’s (who’s alive) life insurance money, from me and my siblings. That one didn’t sit well with me…left me feeling icky and I wished I didn’t remember it. Who beats up their dead parent?

After I had this dream I was in a funk all day and it occurred to me, I haven’t dreamed about the baby at all. Until last night…

I was out running an errand in a big red truck (no clue who the truck belonged to), but getting back to the school (SCHOOL?) was difficult because there were so many people in the parking lot, so I took longer than expected. I had my phone and I could see I had messages but I couldn’t get to them. I finally got back to the school and my grandmother (who lives in MS) is casually bathing a baby and says “Melissa’s is in the tub”. It didn’t occur to me that the (adorable!) little girl was Loren Grace. So I go to check on Mel and she’s laying on her stomach in the bathtub…mumbling something about how she can’t believe she did it without an epidural…and then I freaked OUT and insisted that we go to the hospital. And then my alarm clock went off…

One thing that always remains the same in my dreams – I can NEVER use my phone. It’s like my fingers are numb and can’t dial numbers or text.

Someone analyze this craziness….

Did I mention the baby was SUPER cute?


>Baby Bonding Time

>I’ve mentioned baby bonding time before. California allows 12 weeks of baby bonding time for spouses. Six of those weeks are paid at 55% of your income and the other six weeks are not paid.

My current plan is to take 6 weeks paid and 3 weeks using my vacation hours (which I’ve been painstakingly saving throughout this pregnancy), which means my baby bonding time needs to align itself with our Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi.

So the current plan (as long as all goes accordingly) is Mel will be home for six weeks after LMC arrives(if she delivers after she’s induced on 8/5/10), there’s a two week gap (I guess Loren Grace will grow up fast and stay home alone…I’m kidding…we just don’t have a concrete plan yet), and then I’ll start my baby bonding time beginning of October and be with her until the beginning of December.

I imagine one of two things happening by the time December rolls around. I’m dying to get back to work because I’m stir crazy OR I’ll have to be dragged back kicking and screaming. There’s a 50/50 chance it could go either way!

Geez…October seems so far away.

>No news…

>No news isn’t always good news.

I was not so secretly hoping that Loren Grace would make her grand entrance today so that she and one of her name sakes (aunt Lauren) would share their birthdays! How cute would that be on the calender? Loren and Lauren.

Alas this does not appear to be the case. I just got back from Melissa’s Dr. appointment and for the most part nothing has changed. She’s still dilated one centimeter and she’s 60% effaced. So we wait…likely until next Wednesday when they will induce at 10pm.

Conversations from marriage:

Darcie: We should put the hospital address into Garmin (our GPS) and leave it with the hospital bag.
Melissa: Why? You take the 5 to BLAH BLAH ST and you’re practically there.
Darcie: Yeah, but what if there’s a road closure or an accident on the freeway.
Melissa: Ok, I guess that makes sense.

And that my friends is why I’m the planner…even though I may overly do it sometimes!

>No Monkey…

>Well, Loren Grace has taken to ignoring my requests to move on out! I feel like we’ve already entered the teen angst years!

Melissa said she feels like she’s way lower (as of yesterday) and her movements don’t seem so extreme. On that same note she is apparently moving a lot! (RAVE at 3:30am!), which means the Cotton’s are not sleeping well!

I don’t know why I call her monkey…but I think it’s cute! I call Mel and I say “how’s monkey” and she reminds me that our child is not a monkey…but a human! I’m not buying it! I see the flips and turns and twists she’s done in Mel’s belly! I’m sure she’s swinging from Mel’s ribs like Tarzan!

The lack of sleep is clearly catching up to me…

Mel has another Dr. appointment tomorrow…should be a quicky and we should know if she’s dilated anymore…

>Oh Monkey…

>Typically I’m the nervous, overly prepared one but I got a little indication from Melissa this morning that maybe she’s getting there. I was walking out of the bedroom to leave for work and she says in a sleepy stupor…”be sure to keep your phone on you!”.

All I can think now is “does she have some sort of secret pregnant power that tells her my little monkey is coming today?”. Here’s to hoping…I could really use a few days off work…you know a true vacation – one with a screaming, pooping, hungry new born that I have little knowledge of how to care for! Sounds good…right?

Only 9 days until induction day…although, there are a slew of birthday people this week who are hoping she comes on their day!


>I’m looking at the cute little pea-pod tracker on this page and it says “Melissa is 37 weeks 4 days pregnant” and then it says “only 17 days to go” and I think…LIAR.

Then, I’m checking my calender where I numbered a countdown until Mel’s due date and it says “17” and again I think LIAR!

My new countdown is 12 days until they induce…unless Loren Grace decides to come sooner! I can only hope she waits until Melissa’s family is back from their trip to San Diego. I know it’s not far but I would hate to interrupt their vacation!

Melissa and I are having a date night this weekend. I suppose it will be the last one for a while, so we better make it count!

Conversations from marriage.

{Sitting on the couch}

Darcie: I wish I were a medical professional so I could see if you had dilated more.
Melissa: I do not wish that.
Darcie: Oh…

>Panic has officially set in.

>I’m going to be a mom in 2 weeks or less! (emphasis on the OR LESS!)

I’m so excited to meet our daughter, but then there’s all the doubt and panic.

I’m really regretting this conversation from marriage:

{looking at a book of classes offered in our community}

Darcie: Do you think we should take a parenting class?
Mel: Not really.
Darcie: What about a birthing class?
Mel: Nah.
Darcie: We are pretty good with kids and we were in the room with Michelle when she birthed Steven…I’m sure you’ve got it down.


Our 965 sq ft apartment looks like a baby store EXPLODED in it! I’m sure our family will walk in and ask why we’ve got every baby contraption known to man – in the living room!

Side note: We finally broke down and made the appointment to bomb for fleas. Hopefully we will be flea free in a few hours! (until eggs hatch and we need to bomb again…GOSH!)

>The continuing saga of Baby Big Head

>Just got back from Mel’s Dr. appointment.

(she wouldn’t let me take a pic of her without her pants on…so selfish!)

I’m on information overload. Here’s what I know.

  • Her head is still measuring 2 weeks ahead, but she thinks she will be OK to deliver vaginally.
  • Her body is also measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead.
  • It’s common for gestational diabetes babies to have shoulder dysplasia (meaning the shoulder can’t make it out).
  • Melissa is already 1cm dilated.
  • Melissa is already 50% effaced.
  • If she hasn’t gone into labor by August 4th they are inducing at 10 pm on .

So, I have a new countdown and a new sense of urgency…14 days…

>Conversations From Marriage

>The scene – in Loren’s room trying to pick which clothes to take to the hospital!

Darcie: Oh, I should see if there’s a headband with bow to match that.
Melissa: Um, she should wear a hat.
Darcie: So, no bow?
Melissa: Her head might be cold.
Darcie: In August?
Melissa: Besides, the hat will cover up her cone head from being birthed.
Darcie: Oh.

So, no bow apparently. She clearly has no idea how many headbands/bows we have.