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Birthday Blues

We are rapidly approaching Loren’s birthday. Unlike last year, there will be no big party, no decorating rampage 12 hours before, and most importantly – no clean up. Instead, per Melissa’s suggestion, we are going to spend the weekend in San Diego, hitting Sea World and the San Diego Zoo!

The funniest part about this process (to me at least!) is that last year, pretty much all Melissa had to do for the party was show up with Loren.  I worked my rear off for weeks before hand and had the help of an army on the day. This year, she’s researching what items we want to do in the parks, calling the hotel to alter reservations, and clicking her way through ticket ordering like it’s nobodies business. She HATES every single minute of it.

Conversations from marriage.

Darcie: So, you’re doing way more for this birthday than you had to do for the last.

Melissa {grumpily}: Uh Huh.

Darcie: I suppose you won’t be so eager next year to “not have a party” huh?

Melissa: Nope, you can do whatever you want.

Of course, I’m taking her last statement to mean – “You can do whatever you want in all aspects of life”…so I think I’m going to buy new shoes! 🙂 Seriously, I NEED them.

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While we were visiting my family someone asked me how I introduce Melissa and I said “as my wife”.  They went on to ask if I do that even in the south and called me “unapologetic about it”.  My instant thought was, why on earth would I be apologetic about who I am, who I love, or who I’m married to.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always so brazen or honest. Even when one of my best friends told me he was gay…I replied with something along the lines of “oh, I already knew that” rather than an honest “me too!”.

For that matter only a very select handful of people knew when I moved to California. Then of course I took the easy way out and sent an email.  I think I was always scared of losing friends or family members, but eventually realized that someone who can’t love me as a person, and accept that we have differences isn’t likely someone I want to spend a lot of time with anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I lost friends I wish I still had – we had some pretty good times together when I was “secret-gay” (ie – no different than I am now, they just didn’t know), but now it’s just awkward.

I’m actually pretty lucky, the way was paved for me, by some brave family members who couldn’t use email, or had to even use snail mail, many years ago.  I’m even luckier that I (we) have people who stand beside us, love us, and maintain amazing relationships with us!

While I might need to apologize for somethings – who I am is not one of them.

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WINNER and More Travel Days

And the winner of the HotSling is…oh please, you aren’t getting it that easily, keep reading!

Our days in New Orleans all started to run together, so here’s the break down of the last few days!

Wednesday – HOT, MUGGY, and of course it RAINED. However, Melissa met up with my friends and fam and took Loren to the children’s museum, fun was apparently had by all. ESPECIALLY the only man in the group! 🙂 Later that night we had dinner as a group and then we slept. The sleeping part is only relevent because it was the best nights sleep I’ve gotten thus far. I was asleep by 9:30pm local time (meaning it was 7:30pm at home!). It was beautiful!

Thursday – It was hot, muggy and rainy…but the rain waited until nearly dark to fall!  We had a break in the conference schedule in the afternoon this day, so I get to join in on a little of the fun. While I was in the morning sessions Melissa took Loren on a ferry ride and to the insectarium, more fun was had.  Once we met up we road the street car (AKA – CHOO CHOO, someone loved it!), went to Cafe Du Monde (oh what I would do for a frozen Cafe Au Lait right this very second!), took a mule (we’re classy like that) drawn carriage ride around the french quarter and then it was time for me to head back to the conference.

Melissa said she would bet our stroller has gotten more miles on it this trip than all the others combined thus far!

Friday – This morning to threw everything into our suitcases and headed to Mississippi for a few days. You may have already guessed, but it’s hot, muggy and very rainy.

I’m currently listening to a melody of frogs (that sound like Ducks) and contemplating what methods to use to shut them up. YES, I’ve been told they keep the mosquitoes away!

Maybe next week I’ll actually share some of the photos from this trip! MAYBE

Ok, Ok, the winner of the HotSling is…..(drum roll please)…Commenter NUMBER ONE! Here’s what Meredith had to say:  “I haven’t gotten anything like this before, because I too thought it would be too small for me. It would be so nice to have my hands free and still get to carry her! I really like Moonlit Sky!” (Meredith please email your preferred size, pattern and shipping address and I will get it over to Amy! You can find the email address is over there ——>)

Thanks to everyone who entered, stick around, there may be another giveaway soon!

Because I’m using a borrowed computer and for the life of me could not figure out how to do a screen shot, here’s a photo from my phone, of

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*Disclaimer: I did not proof read this post, ignore any typos (ya know, more than then usual ones!), I’m travel tired!

Travel Day 2

Loren rose at her usual 7:30am time this morning. The only problem with that is that equates to 5:30 am PST. She may have adjusted, I have not.

Since we were up, we had breakfast, showered and walked (in the rain) to the Aquarium of Americas. A high school friend, April lives in the area and got us the total hook up – FREE aquarium entry – SCORE! Thanks again, April!

Loren is still obsessed with the boats. If it’s not raining tomorrow, Melissa may take her on the ferry across the river.

After lunch I headed over to my conference and left the girls on their own (which is what it will be like for the next 2 days!).

Spent all afternoon at the conference, getting registered, visiting some booths/lectures, and having a “snack”.

For dinner, I got to see my cousin Lauren, nephew Tucker (who already says I’m his favorite..he loves me!), friend Ashley and her husband Justin!

Loren was unamused with Tucker. She was unamused by any attention he got and made it very clear she’s an only child.

After dinner we did the bedtime routine, bath, book, bed.

It was a little rocky, because I need to sneak out to visit my coworker to plan our schedule for the next two days.

Melissa petted her head and she was asleep within 20 minutes, we just might survive this week after all.

Speaking of Melissa, guess who else has already adjusted to local time.

Guess who hasn’t and is blogging from the the dark? Don’t judge me… (I’m going to be very unamused when my alarm sounds at 6am AKA 4am!)

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Travel Day Adventures

Delayed flight, of course we found out in en route to the airport.

Seats were reassigned – all three of us were sepereated. Great news for a toddler.

Flight delayed even more.

Seats corrected.

Finally leaving the gate!!

The truck that pushes planes backwards breaks down. (Are you flipping kidding me?!)

Loren stared at airplanes through the window.

Gave her a binkie to help her ears during take off.

She fell asleep before our wheels were off the ground.

Slept for 2 hours.

Woke up and ate!

45 minutes to go, she starts kicking the seat in front of her.

I bribe her with M&Ms.

We safely arrive in New Orleans, it’s hot. OMG, Humidity is the friend of no one.

Room has a view of the Mississippi River, Loren is in love with the boats!

Bed time wasn’t as bad as we expected, she really tried, then cuddled with us for a while and tried again. Not sure who fell asleep first, I’m guessing Mel.

First words out of her mouth this morning: “MAMA, BOATS!!!””.

FYI: Opening the curtains as soon as you open your eyes for your child to see the boats is the truest form of love! (SURFACE OF THE SUN BRIGHT!!!)

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(Giveaway Closed)I’ve been absent…so here’s a prize!

Updated: Several of you posed the question “will this ship internatiionally”, so I emailed Amy and this is her reply: “Unfortunately, we only ship to the US & Canada at this point.  I’m sorry!”  Hopefully next time I can do something that ships internationally, so all my readers can participate.

I know I’ve been missing in action lately. Work is really getting in the way of my ability to blog AND we are prepping for a trip down south, so I’ve neglected you my loyal readers. SO, to make up for my  MIA status, I’m doing another giveaway!

Be sure to read the giveaway info at the end of this post!


Since I posted an email address in the side bar over there —————–> I get a lot of marketing mumbo jumbo. Read my book, check out my children’s music, look at our amazing product. To be honest, I don’t read it all, if I’m being REALLY honest, I delete most of it when I realize what it is.  However, two weeks ago I got an email from  HotSlings, and I’m really glad I didn’t delete it!

At first I replied, “my daughter is almost two, is she really a good candidate for this product?”

Amy, the very nice person behind the email quickly said – The sling fit babies 8 lbs – 35 lbs. If she’s within that weight limit, you can do the “hip carry” which is pretty much like carrying her on your hip, but with your hands free!

It’s all about the buckle…

Two dummy-proof buckles allow the Hotslings AP™ to be adjustable.  The one-size fits most! AP is comfy on you, most of your friends, some dads & most grandmas.  The shoulder design is wide, yet sleek  without excess fabric.  The Hotslings AP™ sling is a safe continuous loop – it cannot detach or break apart.

Just adjust and go!

It’s that easy!

So, I said what the heck, send it my way and we will give it a whirl. Actually, in my head I was thinking, I will make Melissa give it a whirl, considering the tiny size of the models on the HotSlings site,  it likely won’t fit my plus size frame. I was wrong, it does.

At first I was a little intimidated, there were multiple notes telling the user to read all of the directions AND watch the videos. Hind site tells me that a lot of moms will be using this for their brand new mushy babies and it’s better NOT to suffocate them. So, we read and watched the videos.

Melissa tried it first and it looked like so much fun I was jealous!

So, we put Loren in it, in the hip position and she loved it! She even kept tucking her arms in and snuggling close. Which was a little funny, since she hated being swaddled when she was a wee little!

She sling was very sturdy, Loren was secure and seemed comfortable. I even twirled around, which she really loved!

I did want to give it a good solid outing before I put my final opinion in writing – so we headed out to the mall yesterday. Again  I say – LOVED IT. She was comfortable, I was comfortable, and my hands were free to dig through the clearance items at Gymboree!


Loren loved it!

It was comfortable to wear.

Freed up my hands!

Super cute fabric choices.

Safe for my big girl!

Fit ME!


You need a doctoral degree to use it, JUST KIDDING. Once you watch the videos and read the directions it’s actually quite simple!

Loren didn’t want to get out of it and kept signing MORE!

The BEST part of our Hotslings is adventure is that Amy said they want to give one of our readers a sling (you choose the size and pattern) too!.

  • All you have to do to enter is check out the HotSlings website, come back here and comment on this post telling us which pattern you would LOVE to have!
  • Entries will be accepted until midnight Sunday July 15th
  • The winner will be chosen using
  • One entry per email address, please.
  • In theory the winner will be announced on Monday July 16th, however we will be traveling and if internet connectivity is not available I will post the winner as soon as we return!

Good Luck!

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