>List of Places to Go

>Earlier this week a friend shared with me an article about Fifteen places your kids should experience before they are fifteen. He went on to say how he had seen much of the list as a child, and I was disturbed to find that I had seen NONE of the list until recently. The TWO I had seen were the Grand Canyon (the day Loren turned 1 month) and I saw (but did not go to) Alcatraz Island when Loren was 3 months old. To clarify the two I have seen at thirty so had Loren at 3 months.

I think it would be cool to make this our list of things to do in the next 14 years 4 months!

(in no particular order)

  • Grand Canyon (AZ)
  • Redwood National Park (CA)
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Estate (VA)
  • The Freedom Trail (MA)
  • Niagara Falls (NY)
  • The National Mall (DC)
  • Walt Disney World (FL)
  • Colonial Williamsburg (VA)
  • Independence Hall (PA)
  • Ellis Island (NY)
  • Alcatraz Island (CA)
  • Yellowstone National Park (WY, ID, or MT)
  • Fenway Park (MA)
  • Craters of the Moon National Monument (ID)
  • San Diego Zoo (CA)

I think we can do it. There are some we would obviously do (SD Zoo!) and then there are some I’m itching to do (Fenway Park!) and then there is one I’ve never heard of…Craters of the Moon National Monument?

Did you take any memorable vacations as a child? What’s your favorite place to visit as an adult?


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>Into everything!

>I’ve mentioned before Loren’s inability to LEAVE things alone that aren’t hers. She has a special fondness for dog toys and cords.

Last night she shoved the end of my (unplugged) phone charger in her mouth. Today it no longer charges!

My sweet little angel…

I can’t believe she will be 8 months old very soon!!

>Goodbye Boob

>Yesterday was Melissa’s last day pumping.

Her original goal was to breastfeed Loren for 6 months. Since we are only about a week away from the 8 month mark I would say she was more than successful. Honestly the primary reason for stopping is Loren needs more milk than Mel is producing. Mel would pump multiple times a day (at work) and the last few days she was only getting about 2 ounces total…and Loren is taking between 6 and 8 oz per feeding now.

The only sticky part is that she still eats in the middle of the night…how did you non-breast feeding moms deal with that?

The obvious goal is to stop feeding her in the middle of the night. However, since her sniffles are finally gone we are going to start sleep training (probably this weekend) soon. So, is it fair to take away her swing, her warm cuddles and her midnight snack?

I will miss the convenience of not having to pack bottles…

>Aids Walk OC

>I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but thought I would share it with our readers who might not be our Facebook friends!

Click Here to Donate

Melissa, Loren and I signed up to raise money and walk in Aids Walk OC, will you help us meet our fund-raising goal?

Honestly, Loren is too cute to have to beg on the streets…her cuteness alone should be worth a couple bucks!!!


Of course, feel free to pass this along to any other generous peeps you might know! 🙂

A special thank you to those who’ve already donated, we really appreciate your support!

>On Your Feet

>This week Loren has been completely infatuated with her toy bin, she’s been pulling herself up to her knees and just looking and touching everything, but rarely pulling anything out. Last night Melissa and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and Loren was on the floor in front of us playing on her playmat, suddenly Melissa grabs my arm to get my attention and Loren has pulled herself up to her FEET using the toy bin.

So, I grabbed my phone and was desperately trying to take her picture…it was like I was moving in slow motion or my phone had forgotten how to work correctly, Melissa was adding to the pressure by sharply whispering “she’s not going to hold it for long…hurry up!” FINALLY I got this…

I know, I know it’s dark! So I turned the flash on in hopes I would have time to try again!

I did…Seconds after Loren began to whine, she was completely frustrated because she didn’t know how to get down! I told Melissa she was probably “feeling the burn”!

Again I ask…where did my baby go? One day she’s smacking and the next day she’s on her feet?

Remember when I said I needed to get serious about baby proofing? The 4 do-dads I’ve put into the wall sockets are not going to cut it…I SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET SERIOUS!

>Cabinet Space

>Before Loren was born Melissa and I were determined to be prepared. We sanitized all her bottles, bowls, spoons, and pacifiers, cleaned out two drawers (one small, one large enough that her bottles can stand in it) and gave her space in our kitchen…which worked for a while.

How naive am I? For the last few months we’ve added more and more to Loren’s kitchen items…cereal, baby food, formula, Mum Mums, disposable bibs, drop ins etc…all of which has been on the counter. So, for the last month I’ve been saying “I really need to clean out our cabinets and find a place for all of Loren food”…and then her baby food went on sale.

I knew before we stocked up on 40 jars of baby food I had to make some space, there was no way an additional 40 jars of baby food could live on our counter. I think it looks pretty good AND we got rid of some things we never use!

Here’s where the story gets funny!

While I was organizing I had all the jars of food on the counter and I was separating them by flavor (categorized by fruit, veggie or meat) and Loren and Melissa were “helping”…watching.

All of a sudden I hear a smacking noise in my ear. I turned around and there was Loren eyeballing her food and smacking her lips! It was adorable and earned her a Turkey Vegetable Dinner! For a while now she’s recognized her bottle and gets really excited to see it, but she had never recognized her baby food before and she’s certainly never smacked and licked her lips before!

I swear she’s changing so quickly I can barely keep up!

>Conversations from Marriage

>Two posts in one day…oooohhhh

I know conversations from marriage are everyone’s favorite…so here’s a little tidbit from this morning.

The Scene: 5:30am – Darcie drowsily sitting on the couch, Melissa in the kitchen making breakfast, and Loren is headed for the pool…aka Boston’s water bowl.

Melissa “resets” Loren to the play mat…while carrying a butter knife.

Cue Conversation:

Darcie: Loren wants to know if she can borrow your knife.
Melissa: (to Loren) No kiddo…this one is mine…yours is sharper.
Darcie: Loren you’ll never get into a gang with a butter knife anyway!
Melissa: She said she wants to join the the Cribs.

Laughter erupts.

End Scene.

I know the knife situation was a scary one…but in making a little joke about it helps me not have a panic attack every time I remember it!