In Fact, I would like some Cheese with my Whine!

I’m having a love hate relationship with holidays. Mostly, I love the ones I get off of work (coming soon: 4th of July) and I hate all of the freaking email I get about sales that are happening around said holiday. It’s not exactly spam, because I signed up for it at some point…and I CAN’T unsubscribe because “I might miss something important”…so instead I whine about it.

Don’t even get me started on all of the email sales for holidays I DON’T get off work…then there’s barely a silver lining.

There was a time in my not so distant past that I would see an email from the big baby store and dive into it praying it had one of those buy 12 cans of [your preferred] formula and get a $5 gift card or buy 17 jumbo packages of [your preferred] diapers and get wipes for free!

Now, I open them and think “aww…look at that cute baby stuff” and click delete.

If I’m being honest, sometimes I don’t even open them! (Shut Up. I can’t unsubscribe…yet)


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Everytime a Bell Rings…

Last weekend we went to a birthday party, for our 5 year old niece. Loren had a blast. Most of her favorite people were there (excluding Grandma) and most importantly there were bubbles…lots and lots of bubbles, oh and of course CAKE!  When it was time for cake Grandpa got her a slice and was headed in my direction and she shouted “Mama!! CAKE!!” – possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Once all of the “big” kids left we let her venture into the giant bounce house (giant in comparison to the  mini one that was set up for the “under two” crowd, which she had no interest in!). She hopped around for a few minutes, threw all of the balls out onto the ground and then she climbed up the ladder and came down the slide, like it was no bodies business. 147 times later and she had expelled 1/3 of her daily energy!  Another indication that time waits for no one, and like it or not by little baby is almost 2!

Yesterday she was sitting in her high chair eating dinner and a loud truck drove by. She stopped eating and matter-of-factly said: “Truck? Outside?”  During the previous meal Melissa put something down in front of her, she poked and said “what is it?”

I know I haven’t done a potty training update lately – in short, she’s kicking major potty training ass! We are two or three days accident free (excluding naps…she wear a diaper to sleep…and I assume she will for quite a while). It’s still a ton of work for us, but even we are surviving. Of course, the endless applause and the Elmo stickers we are being awarded every time we go to the bathroom don’t hurt!


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I’ve Told This Story Before…

When Melissa and I were in the beginning stages of planning for a baby I did a little freaking out. I didn’t know many families like ours, none with little babies and we live in such a conservative part of California – I was freaking out. I never wanted our child to be mistreated or excluded because of who we were and there were so many pieces of our puzzle that no one could help with (ie – adoption, birth certificate, filing taxes etc). I did a lot of blog reading, I found solace reading the story of a couple from Boston and their red headed little cutie! Not that she posted any information about that technical stuff that haunted me, or if she did, it likely wouldn’t apply to CA – it just gave me a little assurance that we could do it too!

Seriously, when I called the “tax specialist” about my IRS woes (Dear IRS, please give me my adoption credit. Thanks, Darcie) I think his head exploded. When I called the IRS adoption specialist, her head exploded, when we spoke to our attorney about estate planning and brought up the adoption questions we had – his head exploded. I’ve left a trail of headless people throughout the process for sure. These questions are certainly not run of the mill and leave you feeling uneasy with the answers.

Last night I got an email from a reader who had questions about our process and shared a little of her own…and I thought ours was complicated! I hope this woman has a blog – because I’m curious to know how it all works out!

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Pinspiration Wreath Making Fun

A post that has little to do with Loren…you’ll survive ONE post!

A few months ago I came across a super cute spring wreath on Pinterest that I really wanted to adapt for Easter, and I loved it so much I actually went out and got the stuff to make it! I loved it, and it was so easy now I have a wreath problem!

The original was a little simpler, but since I was making mine for Easter, it NEEDED eggs and this is around the time Loren learned to say EGG, because we stopped and touched every egg on that wreath everyday!

The green on mine looks a little dull, I think it’s because of the green door and the bright sunlight. In person it looks like the pinspiration photo! I got the wreath form, the eye-lash yarn, and a stem of daisy’s from JoAnns, and the eggs from the dollar section at Target. Total cost approx: $16 (This one took two packages of yarn…the eyelash yarn comes in a pretty small package!) I’ve already promised my sister in law I would make her a grassy wreath for next Easter!

Then, I saw this one… (click the photo for a link to the original tutorial)

I love it, but to be honest it looks like a lot of work, so I used it as my inspiration and made this:

Loren also loves this one, I imagine she can say star by now! She loves to touch the sparkles!

All of the supplies on this one came from JoAnns as well, it cost a little more because I had to get 3 colors and 2 packages of stars. Total Cost: Approx $20

THEN, I had a ton of left over Red White and Blue. So I headed out for another wreath form and decor and made this one as a gift: (The photo is ehh, because it was midnight when I took it and now it’s wrapped and ready to be gifted! Melissa said she likes this one better than the original…she can’t see anymore because I poked her in the eye!!)

This one was super cheap because I already had the yarn AND I had a 50% off coupon to Michaels. Total Cost: Approx $7.

Pretty good right…BUT THEN, I saw a pin that said you could use a pool noodle as your wreath form.  So I made this one (also a gift).

I wish I had gone back to reference the pool noodle tutorial with the reminder to cut the noodle ends at an angle…oops! It still worked.  If I’m completely honest, I prefer the wreath forms, they are solid as the pool noodles are squishy, so I had to use more care when wrapping them with yarn, I was really scared it would be misshapen if I wrapped it too tight. Since I already had the yarn, the pool noodle was $1.50 and the decorations were on sale – Total cost: $4.00. I bet the recipient appreciates it more than $4!!

I’ve already picked out the next wreath – for my post 4th of July needs!!

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Down Bubble Down

On Wenesday(ish) all of the episodes of MMCH were missing from Tivo. This a problem (of epic proportions).

Did I ever tell you guys Loren points to her tummy and says “mick mick mick” when she wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? It’s weird…I have no idea what this stems from!

Anyway – all of the episodes were gone ALL OF THEM.  On Saturday we had built back up to 5 episodes, but we were especially excited to see a NEW episode. You know, a never before seen, I can’t quote lines, or tell you what order they will be using their mouskatools in – episode and it was good!

That is until we watched it 6 times in 2 days and now it’s just an “old” episode like all of the others.

I’ve been singing “down bubble down” for the last 2 days because we watched “Aye Aye Captain Mickey” so many times!

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Weekend Ramblings from a Potty Training Mom

On Sunday Loren only napped for 40 minutes and woke up in the worst mood, we knew we had to get out of the house. So, we went to the mall to exchange a pair of shoes (seriously StrideRite, how is that none of YOUR shoes run the same?! YOU make them…). I would say that the highlight of the weekend (as far as potty training goes) was the fact that Loren did not pee (or anything else!) in her pullup the entire time we were there.

When we went into the Disney Store, she did point to her pull up and say “oh no!” – so we went to the food course, waited in the ridiculous line, and she never did go.

What I learned about the mall and potty training is that they do not mix. Bathrooms are NEVER close, there is always a line, and omg, I don’t want her touching anything in a mall bathroom. eww.

We were at our last stop (the overall mission of cute PJ’s for vacation failed…but I did find her a cute Minnie’s Pet Shop figurine set for her bday) Several hours and many stores into our trip she did it again, pointed to her pullup and said “oh no”.  So, we ran from Children’s Place like it was on fire, into the nearest store we assumed would have a bathroom (Macy’s Men and Furniture) and  into the most disgusting bathroom I’ve ever seen (considering I’ve driven through Alabama and frequented many gas station bathrooms along the route – that’s saying a lot!). Plopped her on the toilet and she peed, instantly.  Her pullup was still dry – she MADE IT!!! So, we had a party in the bathroom at Macy’s. I sat with the stroller/bags/etc while Melissa helped her and then we switched, Melissa sat with everything while Loren helped me.

After I went potty Loren clapped and said “Woooo hoooo!!!!” for me, I’ve got to be honest, I’m highly motivated to continue using the toilet because of it!

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One Little Piece of Order in a World of Toddler Crazy

A post from Melissa.


I’m a little crazy. I think we all are. We have our little “pet-peeves” and “quirks.”

The key to most successful relationships personal, professional, and familial is to find a way to deal with each other’s little idiosyncrasies.

Toddlers do NOT understand compromise.

So I have found myself bending to accommodate Loren as much as I can. There are little messes and piles of plastic toddler stuff everywhere. The outside of our apartment looks like a Toys R Us exploded. And Loren has more shows stored in TiVo than I do.

I live in Loren’s world of chaos. But there are just some things that I cannot bend on, and I find myself imposing my crazy onto Loren. For instance, we take one crayon out of the box at a time. (two if we are coloring with both hands). When we are done with that color it goes back, and then (and only then) do we get a new crayon. It’s stupid. Really who cares if all the crayons get dumped out, but it’s what we do. Same with books, if we finish a book it goes back before we read another. It is one little piece of order in a world of toddler crazy.

Darcie and I were talking about potty training (big surprise right). I was telling her how in some Asian countries they don’t have “western” toilets and the public restrooms are just holes in the ground because they think it is more hygienic then sharing a toilet seat.

I went on to say it is hard with Loren because I have to rip the head-like shape out of the toilet seat protector before I put her on the seat or it gets stuck to her.

And Darcie told me she doesn’t think the little piece of paper protects us from anything. And it is pointless to use it. Whoa wait up! I take this to mean that Darcie doesn’t use the protectors?!?!?

If they aren’t available I make my own out of toilet paper. (There is an environmentalist out there somewhere cringing) Hell if your house looks dirty, I probably make my own seat protector out of your toilet paper.

So now whose bit of crazy will Loren get? My “you don’t use a toilet unless you can thoroughly protect yourself” or Darcie’s “put your butt on whatever is available”? I shudder a little bit at the second idea, but she will go to the bathroom with both of us. And, I can only imagine the conversations strangers will overhear. “But Mama, But Mama, Mommy told me my booty will become infected and rot off if I sit on the toilet without the protector!”


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(Note from Darcie: I maintain my position that a thin piece of paper will not protect you from flesh eating bacteria…but I’ll do anything for votes…so yeah…protect your rear people!!!)

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This morning I got soap in my eye while I was in the shower. It hurt…for that matter it still hurts. Apparently, I wash my hair with battery acid. Anyway, after I got dressed and I crawled back into bed, Loren hadn’t beckoned for me yet, I was still sleepy and my eye was melting.

While I was lying there I was watching Loren on the monitor (You know…Secret Spy Darcie style!).  She’s adorable. She cooed, and jabbered to FiFi (the giraffe) and then she would cuddled up and dozed off. Then suddenly she stood up, went  “hop hop hop” and layed back down and dozed off again. She rolled around, propped her fit on the rails, talked to FiFi some more and again, went back to sleep. I can’t help but smile when I’m watching all of this – she’s just being herself, in her space, unaware that anyone is watching.

I never did get to see her in person this morning, as you guessed she was back to sleep when I left for work.

When I met Melissa I thought “this is what it feels like to be complete” – I never knew such happiness and it was amazing.

When we had Loren, my thoughts were all garbled.  In that moment I never loved Melissa more, I couldn’t believe the gift she had just given us, I couldn’t believe that another piece of me had been missing and again, I felt complete.

It’s weird the power someone so small can have over you, from the moment you lay eyes on them.

I’m one lucky girl, without a doubt!


You guys, we’re #9 – NINE!!!! Thank you so much for your continued support!

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Secret Spy Darcie – Part 2

On Saturday when we left for swim I locked the door and checked to make sure it was locked…and it wasn’t. The newish lock is a little stiff, so I tried again and it locked – apparently locking the front door takes a little caress.

This may have proved we are incapable of operating a simple dead bolt – it has not explained where all the missing stuff has gone.

So, Melissa ordered a camera to put in our main room. We haven’t really set it up all the way or mounted it to the wall. It is set so send an email anytime someone triggers the motion sensor – on Friday before we set the timer (ya know – not to take photos when we are home!), I got A LOT of email.

What I’ve learned/What it’s captured so far.

  • I’m scary close up.
  • Aunt Kitty NEVER sits down.
  • Loren follows Aunt Kitty EVERYWHERE.
  • Melissa in her PJ’s before everyone else wakes up!
  • and a Family photo – Loren escaped from Melissa after bath time and came to “hide” from her with me (she’s in my lap “hiding” under a pillow! Which is good because she was stark naked!).

So far – the only people entering, are the people who are supposed to…lets hope it remains that way.

So, the goal for today is to move the camera to it’s permanent home, get the live feed working, and stop taking photos of the people who should be in our home!


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