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>The Over/Under

>In my world the Over/Under has nothing to do with sports…it has to do with packing for the babys first trip!

We are going to visit Melissa’s parents in the Arizona for Labor Day. The problem is – I would always rather to over pack rather than under pack. In my (and Melissa’s) mind we went through the typical day with Loren.

Here’s my list so far.
Pack N Play (A must…it’s a changing table AND a bassinet)
Bouncy (Also a must…for her parents)
Clothes (Gowns, Onsies, Socks, CUTE STUFF – obviously)
Burp Cloths
Pink Seahorse (she loves him!)
Baby Wash
Towel/wash cloth
Nail Clippers/File
Gas Meds
Bigger Diaper Bag

Things I wish I could put on my list:
Baby Bath Tub
Her entire bedroom (strapped to the roof of my car!)

Notice this includes NOTHING for Melissa and I OR the required electronics (laptop, cameras, phones) and all of the required charging devices – we travel with!

I don’t want to completely OVER do it…but this is the our first trip with Loren and I imagine we are going to need a u-haul…

An unrelated Conversation from Marriage:
The scene: In the car driving on the freeway…

Dar: Oh babe…dont look it’s the new Camaro.
Mel: AWE! I want it…it’s even the SS
Dar: Super Sport?
Mel: Yep
Dar: I’m so smart…such a…Engine Head
Mel: {Silence}
Dar: {Squirms Knowing Engine Head was not the right term}
Mel: I think you meant Gear Head
Dar: HAHA…yeah
Laughter Erupts…

>Mail Call…

>Loren received her first (addressed to her) mail on Wednesday! She got her social security card! So, we’ve gotten her birth certificate (easiest process ever…walked into the birth certificate office…a government office!!! and out in 5 minutes!) and her social security card.

We are still waiting on a document from Pacific Reproductive Services so that I can begin the adoption process and then we are on our way.

Nothing different has been going on. Eat, sleep, poop/pee, over and over again…She spent alot of yesterday smiling! Last night was a little trying – she was awake a good bit. I found Melissa on the couch and Loren in her bouncy this morning…

I think this post has turned into a babble – my lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me!

>It’s time for your close up!

>Tuesday we had the first official photos taken of Loren!

She was pretty well behaved. There are lots of photos with her eyes open and a few with us as a family! The only thing that didn’t work out were the typical newborn pictures. She refused to fall asleep…and you just can’t move, manipulate, and prop up an awake baby!

Newborn photo shoots always require naked baby photos…no diaper + loren grace = bad news! Melissa and I both (two separate occasions) got peed on by our little angel!

Of course because she was soooo well behaved during the photos she had a stage four meltdown during the 20 minute drive home…and because I can’t stand to hear that blood curdling scream I had to pull over and let Mel get in the back. I don’t know why she was so upset, but mommy fixed it and she slept long enough for us to get home, heat up left overs and eat them!

In three months when we do photos again I am not allowed to go buy her a new outfit and I’m certainly not allowed to buy two…that aren’t on sale!

>bleeding heart…err ears

>Yesterday morning I woke up to Loren screaming. I can tell you after nineteen days of excellent parenting she doesn’t scream that often. She get’s fussy or whimpers a little but that pathetic scream breaks my heart (and makes my ears bleed) so we do everything in our power not to hear it! So, I rolled out of bed to investigate…

Well apparently she was hungry and Melissa had totally ignored her need for food!

By ignored, I mean she changed Loren’s diaper and Loren started to tinkle. So Mel held a wipe over her so she didn’t soak the entire apartment (like she did her nursery). Loren kicked Mel’s hand, knocking the wipe out of it and proceeded to soak herself, Melissa, the changing station on the pack n play AND the ottoman that sits next to it.

The screams were from the end of the bath she required after all that. She doesn’t mind the bath…the warm water soothes her. It’s the rinsing of her hair under faucet and the getting cold while drying that she hates.

I took her and dressed her so Mel could change her urine soaked clothes and she calmed right down…It’s amazing what a little food and warm clothes will do for a baby! 🙂

>Baby Acne!

>Sunday Michelle and her 3 year old son “S” stopped by on their way home from a birthday party…it was during the “bouncy stopped vibrating must go get a new before Loren realizes it” time period, so they were already inside when we got back.

I brought Loren in still strapped in her carrier with a blanket over it (b/c it’s sunny until 8pm) and when I took the blanket off Mr. S looked over and realized there was a baby and say “OH HOW SWEET!”. Boys aren’t always known for their gentle demeanor, but he does have a baby sister (Miss S) and he was so lovey towards Loren. He petted her foot, patted her head, and kissed her hand! We had dinner with them last night and Miss S gave me stinkeye the entire night…like I ruined her day by showing up!

Loren is having her newborn photos done today. Our wedding photographer (who is AMAZING, not only did he capture some beautiful photos of our wedding, he’s super friendly and goes above and beyond the call of duty!) is doing a year of memories package so we will have photos done when she’s a newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months!

Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses at the hospital AND the pediatrician all told us to expect baby acne. Sixteen whole days and we had none…but then on day 17 her forehead broke out like she was going through puberty and day 18 was no better AND it spread! It looks like someone punched my sweet baby under her eye…but it’s just bright red baby acne, and this morning it was on her cheek. Do you remember what day 19 is? Day 19 is newborn photo day…

I think Mr. S is right…She is so sweet and she’s so easy to look at it…even with wide spread baby acne…