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Christmas Crash

In the days following the Christmas high of new toys, lots of people and chocolate Santa sugar rushes we ran into a new bed time oddity.  Every night Loren would lay down for a few minutes after we left the room and then stand up, grab a Minnie and call for us like it was morning and time to get up.  After trying to ignore it night one we realized it was much simpler to walk back in, pop a binkie in her mouth and lay her back down (without speaking) and she would go right to sleep.

After 5 nights of this new routine, I was over it. So, on Monday night as we were laying her down and about to leave the room I said “Loren, here’s Fifi, here’s Mickey, here’s Minnie, here’s turtle and here’s some water in case you cough, it’s bedtime, so no standing up, no calling mama, close your eyes and go to sleep.

To my surprise, it worked! She wiggled for a little while, but she never stood, she never talked, and she never called us back in.

So, on Tuesday night – I did the same routine again and again, it worked!

On Wednesday night – I started my new spiel and it resulted in this conversation:

Me: Ok, here’s Fifi, here’s Mickey, here’s Minnie, here’s turtle and here’s some water in case you cough…

Loren: It’s night night, no stand, no call Mama.

Me: Wow, that’s very good. Night night, I love you.

Loren (shouting): I loooooove you MAMA! (I  love it when she puts so much emphasis on LOVE and MAMA!)

We repeated the same conversation again last night and again it worked. This kid is so smart, it makes  me both proud and sad to see her growing up so fast.

The non-terrible twos

I really don’t like the phrase “terrible twos”, I just don’t want to refer to anything about my child as terrible.

However, I will say that we have certainly entered a challenging phase here at 2 years, 5 months, and 5 days. Loren has not only learned the word NO!, she’s also learned it’s effectiveness.

“No mommy, mama picks me up” (If the wrong person goes in to retrieve her in the  morning or after nap)

“No, you mess it up!” (as in STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF, YOU ARE RUINING IT!)

“No, I not want chocolate milk” (Really? Because you just asked for it!?!)

“NO! NO! NO!” (after I requested that she pick up the cup of water she knocked over….as well as the reply to my “then we aren’t watching any more TV today if you won’t pick up your cup”…FYI – turning the TV off made her scream like a banshee…)

Then we had this conversation yesterday:

Me: “Did you know that I love you?”

Loren: “No, Aunt Kitty loves me”.

Me: “Well, I love you too!”

Loren: “NO! Aunt Kitty loves me!”


The craziest part is that sometime she says no just to say it, even when it’s something she truly wants – you can see the conflict in her eyes.

I think the most frustrating part of this as the parent is the fact that these “NO” moods vs happy go lucky Loren are totally unpredictable.  Not to mention, I REALLY don’t like being told no or for someone to defy me…which means Mama will be taking some timeouts too.