Mama Mickey

Loren has entered the baby phase. She loves to play with babies. Anything small in size is deemed a baby.

For a few weeks she had Blue Minnie (she’s equal in size to Mickey and wearing a blue skirt) and Baby Minnie (Wearing the traditional Minnie get up, but smaller than the other two…).

Then, Blue Minnie became Mama Minnie.

Then she called Mickey – Mama Mickey.

Loren: Aweeee baby here’s Mama Mickey.

Me:  Loren, Mickey is a boy…he can’t be Mama Mickey…he’s Daddy Mickey.

Loren: (stares at me and processes for a minute…walks over and picks up Elmo) “Mama Elmo”…

All was not lost in the conversation…now at bed time she requires Fifi (THE favorite), Turtle (her lightup twilight turtle from Aunt Mo), Daddy Mickey, Mama Minnie and Baby Minnie (all from Uncle Erik!).

Any more “friends” and she’s going to need to upgrade from her crib to a queen sized bed!