>Pouty Face appeals to Geeky Girl!

>Mel thought she was being funny today in suggesting that this be our Baby Girls first Halloween costume.

Cue Conversation (via chat…hey we have jobs…)

Mel: We could all match for Baby Cotton’s first Halloween {insert link to above photo}
Dar: Yeah…we could…
be careful that almost sounded like consent!
Dar: We can…now does the thumb stick out or is it held in? (But I wont be red…the red ones always die)
Mel: Awe honey you paid attention and know not to be red. too cute
Mel: Or we could be like C3PO, R2D2, and I’ll let you be Princess Leia
Dar: That’s fine too, I’ll do whatever!
Mel: You’re in a giving mood!
Dar: I like to make you happy or maybe it’s the high chair compromise {insert evil laughter}…

Besides, she’ll be way cute in this bumble bee costume when she can walk! (Yes, we apparently discuss and look at Halloween costumes in April…)


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