The non-terrible twos

I really don’t like the phrase “terrible twos”, I just don’t want to refer to anything about my child as terrible.

However, I will say that we have certainly entered a challenging phase here at 2 years, 5 months, and 5 days. Loren has not only learned the word NO!, she’s also learned it’s effectiveness.

“No mommy, mama picks me up” (If the wrong person goes in to retrieve her in the  morning or after nap)

“No, you mess it up!” (as in STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF, YOU ARE RUINING IT!)

“No, I not want chocolate milk” (Really? Because you just asked for it!?!)

“NO! NO! NO!” (after I requested that she pick up the cup of water she knocked over….as well as the reply to my “then we aren’t watching any more TV today if you won’t pick up your cup”…FYI – turning the TV off made her scream like a banshee…)

Then we had this conversation yesterday:

Me: “Did you know that I love you?”

Loren: “No, Aunt Kitty loves me”.

Me: “Well, I love you too!”

Loren: “NO! Aunt Kitty loves me!”


The craziest part is that sometime she says no just to say it, even when it’s something she truly wants – you can see the conflict in her eyes.

I think the most frustrating part of this as the parent is the fact that these “NO” moods vs happy go lucky Loren are totally unpredictable.  Not to mention, I REALLY don’t like being told no or for someone to defy me…which means Mama will be taking some timeouts too.



3 thoughts on “The non-terrible twos

  1. Oh, how I hear you! Cheeks can be a bit, uh, challenging, but there’s nothing terrible about two! However, my son was an angel at two and his head began to spin at three. I’m hoping Cheeks doesn’t follow in his footsteps!

  2. I appreciate your challenges. I am not a parent, but a very involved Uncle. I agree that two isn’t terrible, but it is challenging. As a children’s entertainer, I see a huge difference between 2s versus 4s and 5s. Imagine playing music while a room full of two year olds are having their moments. Lucky for me, I use a lot of percussion instruments and will allow children to play them, depending on the size of the group. I’m amazed at how a cowbell, triangle or Vibraslap can immediately get their attention. Thanks for your post.

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