Birthday Blues

We are rapidly approaching Loren’s birthday. Unlike last year, there will be no big party, no decorating rampage 12 hours before, and most importantly – no clean up. Instead, per Melissa’s suggestion, we are going to spend the weekend in San Diego, hitting Sea World and the San Diego Zoo!

The funniest part about this process (to me at least!) is that last year, pretty much all Melissa had to do for the party was show up with Loren.  I worked my rear off for weeks before hand and had the help of an army on the day. This year, she’s researching what items we want to do in the parks, calling the hotel to alter reservations, and clicking her way through ticket ordering like it’s nobodies business. She HATES every single minute of it.

Conversations from marriage.

Darcie: So, you’re doing way more for this birthday than you had to do for the last.

Melissa {grumpily}: Uh Huh.

Darcie: I suppose you won’t be so eager next year to “not have a party” huh?

Melissa: Nope, you can do whatever you want.

Of course, I’m taking her last statement to mean – “You can do whatever you want in all aspects of life”…so I think I’m going to buy new shoes! 🙂 Seriously, I NEED them.

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One thought on “Birthday Blues

  1. Conversation from Marriage
    Me: I want to buy a Harley
    Nicky: I don’t think that is the smartest thing you’ve ever done.
    Me: Ok?!
    Don’t need to tell you the happy ending to this story.
    Moral of the story: choose your words carefully as you never know how someone will take them and run with it.

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