WINNER and More Travel Days

And the winner of the HotSling is…oh please, you aren’t getting it that easily, keep reading!

Our days in New Orleans all started to run together, so here’s the break down of the last few days!

Wednesday – HOT, MUGGY, and of course it RAINED. However, Melissa met up with my friends and fam and took Loren to the children’s museum, fun was apparently had by all. ESPECIALLY the only man in the group! 🙂 Later that night we had dinner as a group and then we slept. The sleeping part is only relevent because it was the best nights sleep I’ve gotten thus far. I was asleep by 9:30pm local time (meaning it was 7:30pm at home!). It was beautiful!

Thursday – It was hot, muggy and rainy…but the rain waited until nearly dark to fall!  We had a break in the conference schedule in the afternoon this day, so I get to join in on a little of the fun. While I was in the morning sessions Melissa took Loren on a ferry ride and to the insectarium, more fun was had.  Once we met up we road the street car (AKA – CHOO CHOO, someone loved it!), went to Cafe Du Monde (oh what I would do for a frozen Cafe Au Lait right this very second!), took a mule (we’re classy like that) drawn carriage ride around the french quarter and then it was time for me to head back to the conference.

Melissa said she would bet our stroller has gotten more miles on it this trip than all the others combined thus far!

Friday – This morning to threw everything into our suitcases and headed to Mississippi for a few days. You may have already guessed, but it’s hot, muggy and very rainy.

I’m currently listening to a melody of frogs (that sound like Ducks) and contemplating what methods to use to shut them up. YES, I’ve been told they keep the mosquitoes away!

Maybe next week I’ll actually share some of the photos from this trip! MAYBE

Ok, Ok, the winner of the HotSling is…..(drum roll please)…Commenter NUMBER ONE! Here’s what Meredith had to say:  “I haven’t gotten anything like this before, because I too thought it would be too small for me. It would be so nice to have my hands free and still get to carry her! I really like Moonlit Sky!” (Meredith please email your preferred size, pattern and shipping address and I will get it over to Amy! You can find the email address is over there ——>)

Thanks to everyone who entered, stick around, there may be another giveaway soon!

Because I’m using a borrowed computer and for the life of me could not figure out how to do a screen shot, here’s a photo from my phone, of

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*Disclaimer: I did not proof read this post, ignore any typos (ya know, more than then usual ones!), I’m travel tired!


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