Travel Day Adventures

Delayed flight, of course we found out in en route to the airport.

Seats were reassigned – all three of us were sepereated. Great news for a toddler.

Flight delayed even more.

Seats corrected.

Finally leaving the gate!!

The truck that pushes planes backwards breaks down. (Are you flipping kidding me?!)

Loren stared at airplanes through the window.

Gave her a binkie to help her ears during take off.

She fell asleep before our wheels were off the ground.

Slept for 2 hours.

Woke up and ate!

45 minutes to go, she starts kicking the seat in front of her.

I bribe her with M&Ms.

We safely arrive in New Orleans, it’s hot. OMG, Humidity is the friend of no one.

Room has a view of the Mississippi River, Loren is in love with the boats!

Bed time wasn’t as bad as we expected, she really tried, then cuddled with us for a while and tried again. Not sure who fell asleep first, I’m guessing Mel.

First words out of her mouth this morning: “MAMA, BOATS!!!””.

FYI: Opening the curtains as soon as you open your eyes for your child to see the boats is the truest form of love! (SURFACE OF THE SUN BRIGHT!!!)

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