Travel Day 2

Loren rose at her usual 7:30am time this morning. The only problem with that is that equates to 5:30 am PST. She may have adjusted, I have not.

Since we were up, we had breakfast, showered and walked (in the rain) to the Aquarium of Americas. A high school friend, April lives in the area and got us the total hook up – FREE aquarium entry – SCORE! Thanks again, April!

Loren is still obsessed with the boats. If it’s not raining tomorrow, Melissa may take her on the ferry across the river.

After lunch I headed over to my conference and left the girls on their own (which is what it will be like for the next 2 days!).

Spent all afternoon at the conference, getting registered, visiting some booths/lectures, and having a “snack”.

For dinner, I got to see my cousin Lauren, nephew Tucker (who already says I’m his favorite..he loves me!), friend Ashley and her husband Justin!

Loren was unamused with Tucker. She was unamused by any attention he got and made it very clear she’s an only child.

After dinner we did the bedtime routine, bath, book, bed.

It was a little rocky, because I need to sneak out to visit my coworker to plan our schedule for the next two days.

Melissa petted her head and she was asleep within 20 minutes, we just might survive this week after all.

Speaking of Melissa, guess who else has already adjusted to local time.

Guess who hasn’t and is blogging from the the dark? Don’t judge me… (I’m going to be very unamused when my alarm sounds at 6am AKA 4am!)

Since I’ve displayed a deep sense of loyalty to you by blogging from the COLD floor of the bathroom, could you please click the banner and vote for us? We’ve fallen down to #19 on the Top Mommy Blogs and would really like to be back in the Top 10!!!

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