(Giveaway Closed)I’ve been absent…so here’s a prize!

Updated: Several of you posed the question “will this ship internatiionally”, so I emailed Amy and this is her reply: “Unfortunately, we only ship to the US & Canada at this point.  I’m sorry!”  Hopefully next time I can do something that ships internationally, so all my readers can participate.

I know I’ve been missing in action lately. Work is really getting in the way of my ability to blog AND we are prepping for a trip down south, so I’ve neglected you my loyal readers. SO, to make up for my  MIA status, I’m doing another giveaway!

Be sure to read the giveaway info at the end of this post!


Since I posted an email address in the side bar over there —————–> I get a lot of marketing mumbo jumbo. Read my book, check out my children’s music, look at our amazing product. To be honest, I don’t read it all, if I’m being REALLY honest, I delete most of it when I realize what it is.  However, two weeks ago I got an email from  HotSlings, and I’m really glad I didn’t delete it!

At first I replied, “my daughter is almost two, is she really a good candidate for this product?”

Amy, the very nice person behind the email quickly said – The sling fit babies 8 lbs – 35 lbs. If she’s within that weight limit, you can do the “hip carry” which is pretty much like carrying her on your hip, but with your hands free!

It’s all about the buckle…

Two dummy-proof buckles allow the Hotslings AP™ to be adjustable.  The one-size fits most! AP is comfy on you, most of your friends, some dads & most grandmas.  The shoulder design is wide, yet sleek  without excess fabric.  The Hotslings AP™ sling is a safe continuous loop – it cannot detach or break apart.

Just adjust and go!

It’s that easy!

So, I said what the heck, send it my way and we will give it a whirl. Actually, in my head I was thinking, I will make Melissa give it a whirl, considering the tiny size of the models on the HotSlings site,  it likely won’t fit my plus size frame. I was wrong, it does.

At first I was a little intimidated, there were multiple notes telling the user to read all of the directions AND watch the videos. Hind site tells me that a lot of moms will be using this for their brand new mushy babies and it’s better NOT to suffocate them. So, we read and watched the videos.

Melissa tried it first and it looked like so much fun I was jealous!

So, we put Loren in it, in the hip position and she loved it! She even kept tucking her arms in and snuggling close. Which was a little funny, since she hated being swaddled when she was a wee little!

She sling was very sturdy, Loren was secure and seemed comfortable. I even twirled around, which she really loved!

I did want to give it a good solid outing before I put my final opinion in writing – so we headed out to the mall yesterday. Again  I say – LOVED IT. She was comfortable, I was comfortable, and my hands were free to dig through the clearance items at Gymboree!


Loren loved it!

It was comfortable to wear.

Freed up my hands!

Super cute fabric choices.

Safe for my big girl!

Fit ME!


You need a doctoral degree to use it, JUST KIDDING. Once you watch the videos and read the directions it’s actually quite simple!

Loren didn’t want to get out of it and kept signing MORE!

The BEST part of our Hotslings is adventure is that Amy said they want to give one of our readers a sling (you choose the size and pattern) too!.

  • All you have to do to enter is check out the HotSlings website, come back here and comment on this post telling us which pattern you would LOVE to have!
  • Entries will be accepted until midnight Sunday July 15th
  • The winner will be chosen using random.org
  • One entry per email address, please.
  • In theory the winner will be announced on Monday July 16th, however we will be traveling and if internet connectivity is not available I will post the winner as soon as we return!

Good Luck!

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19 thoughts on “(Giveaway Closed)I’ve been absent…so here’s a prize!

  1. So hard to choose…ok its Barely Square, no make that Silhouette, oh dear, ok definately Barely Square 🙂

  2. Hi, I like u am a plus size Mom & I’m into wraps. Would love to try out this & hope to share it with my hubby as he’s wrap handicapped 🙂 So would love something in a “manly” colour. I’ll go with Silhouette 🙂 Thank you. By the way, I’m in Malaysia but if you can’t ship to where I am (if I get chosen that is) do let me know as I’ll try to pull some strings for it to ship in US 🙂

  3. would love to have the Overcast! My son is 20 months and i have one on the way (due October). This will be a great carrier to have! Pick me!

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