In Fact, I would like some Cheese with my Whine!

I’m having a love hate relationship with holidays. Mostly, I love the ones I get off of work (coming soon: 4th of July) and I hate all of the freaking email I get about sales that are happening around said holiday. It’s not exactly spam, because I signed up for it at some point…and I CAN’T unsubscribe because “I might miss something important”…so instead I whine about it.

Don’t even get me started on all of the email sales for holidays I DON’T get off work…then there’s barely a silver lining.

There was a time in my not so distant past that I would see an email from the big baby store and dive into it praying it had one of those buy 12 cans of [your preferred] formula and get a $5 gift card or buy 17 jumbo packages of [your preferred] diapers and get wipes for free!

Now, I open them and think “aww…look at that cute baby stuff” and click delete.

If I’m being honest, sometimes I don’t even open them! (Shut Up. I can’t unsubscribe…yet)


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