Everytime a Bell Rings…

Last weekend we went to a birthday party, for our 5 year old niece. Loren had a blast. Most of her favorite people were there (excluding Grandma) and most importantly there were bubbles…lots and lots of bubbles, oh and of course CAKE!  When it was time for cake Grandpa got her a slice and was headed in my direction and she shouted “Mama!! CAKE!!” – possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Once all of the “big” kids left we let her venture into the giant bounce house (giant in comparison to the  mini one that was set up for the “under two” crowd, which she had no interest in!). She hopped around for a few minutes, threw all of the balls out onto the ground and then she climbed up the ladder and came down the slide, like it was no bodies business. 147 times later and she had expelled 1/3 of her daily energy!  Another indication that time waits for no one, and like it or not by little baby is almost 2!

Yesterday she was sitting in her high chair eating dinner and a loud truck drove by. She stopped eating and matter-of-factly said: “Truck? Outside?”  During the previous meal Melissa put something down in front of her, she poked and said “what is it?”

I know I haven’t done a potty training update lately – in short, she’s kicking major potty training ass! We are two or three days accident free (excluding naps…she wear a diaper to sleep…and I assume she will for quite a while). It’s still a ton of work for us, but even we are surviving. Of course, the endless applause and the Elmo stickers we are being awarded every time we go to the bathroom don’t hurt!


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