I’ve Told This Story Before…

When Melissa and I were in the beginning stages of planning for a baby I did a little freaking out. I didn’t know many families like ours, none with little babies and we live in such a conservative part of California – I was freaking out. I never wanted our child to be mistreated or excluded because of who we were and there were so many pieces of our puzzle that no one could help with (ie – adoption, birth certificate, filing taxes etc). I did a lot of blog reading, I found solace reading the story of a couple from Boston and their red headed little cutie! Not that she posted any information about that technical stuff that haunted me, or if she did, it likely wouldn’t apply to CA – it just gave me a little assurance that we could do it too!

Seriously, when I called the “tax specialist” about my IRS woes (Dear IRS, please give me my adoption credit. Thanks, Darcie) I think his head exploded. When I called the IRS adoption specialist, her head exploded, when we spoke to our attorney about estate planning and brought up the adoption questions we had – his head exploded. I’ve left a trail of headless people throughout the process for sure. These questions are certainly not run of the mill and leave you feeling uneasy with the answers.

Last night I got an email from a reader who had questions about our process and shared a little of her own…and I thought ours was complicated! I hope this woman has a blog – because I’m curious to know how it all works out!

Since I’m so busy at work and failed to blog twice last week we fell back to #13 – sorry you guys, summer is going to be so busy…there may be a few more weeks like that!Vote for me @ Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

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