Pinspiration Wreath Making Fun

A post that has little to do with Loren…you’ll survive ONE post!

A few months ago I came across a super cute spring wreath on Pinterest that I really wanted to adapt for Easter, and I loved it so much I actually went out and got the stuff to make it! I loved it, and it was so easy now I have a wreath problem!

The original was a little simpler, but since I was making mine for Easter, it NEEDED eggs and this is around the time Loren learned to say EGG, because we stopped and touched every egg on that wreath everyday!

The green on mine looks a little dull, I think it’s because of the green door and the bright sunlight. In person it looks like the pinspiration photo! I got the wreath form, the eye-lash yarn, and a stem of daisy’s from JoAnns, and the eggs from the dollar section at Target. Total cost approx: $16 (This one took two packages of yarn…the eyelash yarn comes in a pretty small package!) I’ve already promised my sister in law I would make her a grassy wreath for next Easter!

Then, I saw this one… (click the photo for a link to the original tutorial)

I love it, but to be honest it looks like a lot of work, so I used it as my inspiration and made this:

Loren also loves this one, I imagine she can say star by now! She loves to touch the sparkles!

All of the supplies on this one came from JoAnns as well, it cost a little more because I had to get 3 colors and 2 packages of stars. Total Cost: Approx $20

THEN, I had a ton of left over Red White and Blue. So I headed out for another wreath form and decor and made this one as a gift: (The photo is ehh, because it was midnight when I took it and now it’s wrapped and ready to be gifted! Melissa said she likes this one better than the original…she can’t see anymore because I poked her in the eye!!)

This one was super cheap because I already had the yarn AND I had a 50% off coupon to Michaels. Total Cost: Approx $7.

Pretty good right…BUT THEN, I saw a pin that said you could use a pool noodle as your wreath form.Ā  So I made this one (also a gift).

I wish I had gone back to reference the pool noodle tutorial with the reminder to cut the noodle ends at an angle…oops! It still worked.Ā  If I’m completely honest, I prefer the wreath forms, they are solid as the pool noodles are squishy, so I had to use more care when wrapping them with yarn, I was really scared it would be misshapen if I wrapped it too tight. Since I already had the yarn, the pool noodle was $1.50 and the decorations were on sale – Total cost: $4.00. I bet the recipient appreciates it more than $4!!

I’ve already picked out the next wreath – for my post 4th of July needs!!

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