Down Bubble Down

On Wenesday(ish) all of the episodes of MMCH were missing from Tivo. This a problem (of epic proportions).

Did I ever tell you guys Loren points to her tummy and says “mick mick mick” when she wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? It’s weird…I have no idea what this stems from!

Anyway – all of the episodes were gone ALL OF THEM.  On Saturday we had built back up to 5 episodes, but we were especially excited to see a NEW episode. You know, a never before seen, I can’t quote lines, or tell you what order they will be using their mouskatools in – episode and it was good!

That is until we watched it 6 times in 2 days and now it’s just an “old” episode like all of the others.

I’ve been singing “down bubble down” for the last 2 days because we watched “Aye Aye Captain Mickey” so many times!

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