Weekend Ramblings from a Potty Training Mom

On Sunday Loren only napped for 40 minutes and woke up in the worst mood, we knew we had to get out of the house. So, we went to the mall to exchange a pair of shoes (seriously StrideRite, how is that none of YOUR shoes run the same?! YOU make them…). I would say that the highlight of the weekend (as far as potty training goes) was the fact that Loren did not pee (or anything else!) in her pullup the entire time we were there.

When we went into the Disney Store, she did point to her pull up and say “oh no!” – so we went to the food course, waited in the ridiculous line, and she never did go.

What I learned about the mall and potty training is that they do not mix. Bathrooms are NEVER close, there is always a line, and omg, I don’t want her touching anything in a mall bathroom. eww.

We were at our last stop (the overall mission of cute PJ’s for vacation failed…but I did find her a cute Minnie’s Pet Shop figurine set for her bday) Several hours and many stores into our trip she did it again, pointed to her pullup and said “oh no”.  So, we ran from Children’s Place like it was on fire, into the nearest store we assumed would have a bathroom (Macy’s Men and Furniture) and  into the most disgusting bathroom I’ve ever seen (considering I’ve driven through Alabama and frequented many gas station bathrooms along the route – that’s saying a lot!). Plopped her on the toilet and she peed, instantly.  Her pullup was still dry – she MADE IT!!! So, we had a party in the bathroom at Macy’s. I sat with the stroller/bags/etc while Melissa helped her and then we switched, Melissa sat with everything while Loren helped me.

After I went potty Loren clapped and said “Woooo hoooo!!!!” for me, I’ve got to be honest, I’m highly motivated to continue using the toilet because of it!

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