One Little Piece of Order in a World of Toddler Crazy

A post from Melissa.


I’m a little crazy. I think we all are. We have our little “pet-peeves” and “quirks.”

The key to most successful relationships personal, professional, and familial is to find a way to deal with each other’s little idiosyncrasies.

Toddlers do NOT understand compromise.

So I have found myself bending to accommodate Loren as much as I can. There are little messes and piles of plastic toddler stuff everywhere. The outside of our apartment looks like a Toys R Us exploded. And Loren has more shows stored in TiVo than I do.

I live in Loren’s world of chaos. But there are just some things that I cannot bend on, and I find myself imposing my crazy onto Loren. For instance, we take one crayon out of the box at a time. (two if we are coloring with both hands). When we are done with that color it goes back, and then (and only then) do we get a new crayon. It’s stupid. Really who cares if all the crayons get dumped out, but it’s what we do. Same with books, if we finish a book it goes back before we read another. It is one little piece of order in a world of toddler crazy.

Darcie and I were talking about potty training (big surprise right). I was telling her how in some Asian countries they don’t have “western” toilets and the public restrooms are just holes in the ground because they think it is more hygienic then sharing a toilet seat.

I went on to say it is hard with Loren because I have to rip the head-like shape out of the toilet seat protector before I put her on the seat or it gets stuck to her.

And Darcie told me she doesn’t think the little piece of paper protects us from anything. And it is pointless to use it. Whoa wait up! I take this to mean that Darcie doesn’t use the protectors?!?!?

If they aren’t available I make my own out of toilet paper. (There is an environmentalist out there somewhere cringing) Hell if your house looks dirty, I probably make my own seat protector out of your toilet paper.

So now whose bit of crazy will Loren get? My “you don’t use a toilet unless you can thoroughly protect yourself” or Darcie’s “put your butt on whatever is available”? I shudder a little bit at the second idea, but she will go to the bathroom with both of us. And, I can only imagine the conversations strangers will overhear. “But Mama, But Mama, Mommy told me my booty will become infected and rot off if I sit on the toilet without the protector!”


Darcie didn’t have time to blog yesterday and we’ve fallen to #11. So, please  click on the link below and vote for the blog. Or your butt will become infected and rot off! No really, it will! I have it on strict authority of the CDC.

(Note from Darcie: I maintain my position that a thin piece of paper will not protect you from flesh eating bacteria…but I’ll do anything for votes…so yeah…protect your rear people!!!)

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