This morning I got soap in my eye while I was in the shower. It hurt…for that matter it still hurts. Apparently, I wash my hair with battery acid. Anyway, after I got dressed and I crawled back into bed, Loren hadn’t beckoned for me yet, I was still sleepy and my eye was melting.

While I was lying there I was watching Loren on the monitor (You know…Secret Spy Darcie style!).  She’s adorable. She cooed, and jabbered to FiFi (the giraffe) and then she would cuddled up and dozed off. Then suddenly she stood up, went  “hop hop hop” and layed back down and dozed off again. She rolled around, propped her fit on the rails, talked to FiFi some more and again, went back to sleep. I can’t help but smile when I’m watching all of this – she’s just being herself, in her space, unaware that anyone is watching.

I never did get to see her in person this morning, as you guessed she was back to sleep when I left for work.

When I met Melissa I thought “this is what it feels like to be complete” – I never knew such happiness and it was amazing.

When we had Loren, my thoughts were all garbled.  In that moment I never loved Melissa more, I couldn’t believe the gift she had just given us, I couldn’t believe that another piece of me had been missing and again, I felt complete.

It’s weird the power someone so small can have over you, from the moment you lay eyes on them.

I’m one lucky girl, without a doubt!


You guys, we’re #9 – NINE!!!! Thank you so much for your continued support!

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