Secret Spy Darcie – Part 2

On Saturday when we left for swim I locked the door and checked to make sure it was locked…and it wasn’t. The newish lock is a little stiff, so I tried again and it locked – apparently locking the front door takes a little caress.

This may have proved we are incapable of operating a simple dead bolt – it has not explained where all the missing stuff has gone.

So, Melissa ordered a camera to put in our main room. We haven’t really set it up all the way or mounted it to the wall. It is set so send an email anytime someone triggers the motion sensor – on Friday before we set the timer (ya know – not to take photos when we are home!), I got A LOT of email.

What I’ve learned/What it’s captured so far.

  • I’m scary close up.
  • Aunt Kitty NEVER sits down.
  • Loren follows Aunt Kitty EVERYWHERE.
  • Melissa in her PJ’s before everyone else wakes up!
  • and a Family photo – Loren escaped from Melissa after bath time and came to “hide” from her with me (she’s in my lap “hiding” under a pillow! Which is good because she was stark naked!).

So far – the only people entering, are the people who are supposed to…lets hope it remains that way.

So, the goal for today is to move the camera to it’s permanent home, get the live feed working, and stop taking photos of the people who should be in our home!


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One thought on “Secret Spy Darcie – Part 2

  1. Larry and I were talking and both agree, the door being unlocked is most likely a malfunction with the lock. If someone was coming in they would lock the door when they left so you wouldn’t know they were there.

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