On Friday, I was the first mom home, a rare “treat” that Loren and I get a few minutes together in the afternoons. On this day it evolved from a treat to “the worst hour of my life”.

Loren peed in the potty for Aunt Kitty as soon as she walked in the door – SCORE!

Since she achieved great success we went outside to blow bubbles and then she peed in her underwear 10 minutes after Aunt Kitty left. I will say, that in her defense she was en route to the bathroom when it happened.  However, that is where I stop defending her – because while I was trying to clean her up and get clean undies on her she bolted out the front door (squealing BUBBLES) WITHOUT HER PANTS OR UNDERWEAR ON!

Going out the front door is a MAJOR no-no for children and dogs alike. Both know better, only one has the self control not to go out (I bet you can guess which one).  So, outside time was over – and we played on the floor. Loren would whine, throw toys (because she was pissed off at me), and  every now and then sob “bubbbbbles”.  The funny part – she clung to me like I was her best friend as soon as Melissa walked in.


What I learned from an entire weekend of potty training.

Loren has an uncanny ability to hold it.

She must have a bladder the size of a football.

Keeping in mind that she slept (including nap) in a diaper and we set the timer and took her to the bathroom every 1/2 hour.

She had one blatant accident on Saturday (she made no indication she needed to go…she just went).

She had two near misses. I’m calling these technical issues…she ran to the bathroom, made it all the way there and couldn’t get her undies down quickly enough. In my eyes, she would have succeeded if adults could move as quickly has toddlers.

and ONE success (see, I told you she could realllly hold it…ONE FREAKING SUCCESS!).  The funniest part of this success is that it came after a near miss. It was last night, she had her near miss and I declared defeat and called bath time, I left her half naked staring at her bath toys and was grabbing PJ’s and suddenly she yelled “mama pobbiuyiwb” and pointed and Ta-Da – Finally with no one watching she peed in the toilet.

Seriously, talk about waiting until the 12th hour to succeed.


Watching the rankings on Top Mommy Blogs is a bit of an emotional roller coaster up to #10, down to #13 and then back to old trust worth #11.

Thanks for all of your votes! Tomorrow, I’ll try to post about something involving less excrement.

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