Secret Spy Darcie

Two Saturdays ago, when we got home from swim lesson – the front door was unlocked…it was odd, because I thought I saw Melissa lock it…but we had forgotten something, so she ran back in…maybe she forgot to lock it on her return trip.

Then, this past Saturday we came home from being out all day and the front door was unlocked again.

On Tuesday, Melissa got home from work and it was unlocked yet again.

I remember Melissa locking the door this past Saturday very vividly – because I handed her my keys to do it.

In the almost two years Aunt Kitty has been watching Loren she’s never forgotten to lock the door when she left, not once.

We had our locks changed about  2 months ago because we thought something hinky had been going on.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope it’s nothing. I desperately hope that Melissa has lost the ability to lock the front door, that Kitty was just distracted by my wild child, and that the “hinkyness” I mentioned is really just us be scattered and losing crap. However, I’m not convinced.

Mostly, I hope all this to be the case because a) I don’t know what I will do if I find someone in our home who doesn’t belong there and b)I don’t know what I would do if I found out someone we know/love was in our home screwing around.

I’m tempted to get one of those alarm signs and stick it in our flower bed…I’m not sure I actually want to know if someone has been coming in our home – because then we would have to move (or burn the place down!) and I really hate moving!

I’m not sure what’s happening…but we are down to #13 – Maybe it’s because my friends know there’s not prize for being on top!? 😦Vote for me @ Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory


3 thoughts on “Secret Spy Darcie

  1. As and update, Darcie has decided that both Kitty and I are incapable of locking the door. The new lock is a little stiff and she’s decided that we just didn’t turn the key hard enough. This is a much happier idea than the door just unlocking itself.

    • That is a relief! Don’t feel bad, the first time closing up at my first job I didn’t lock the door, so that is way worse.

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