Hotter Than….

If you’re my Facebook friend – you already know that Loren successfully, on her own, went to the bathroom, sat on her potty and peed. She did forget one little step – pulling down her underwear – but it still made me feel like she had succeeded.

It all happened rather quickly. Suddenly Loren was no longer playing, she was running down the hall, and yelling “Mooooooooooooooooom” from the bathroom!

She was proud of herself.  We were so proud of her. Day 2 and she went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and peed in her underwear – in that moment, it was the equivalent of winning the noble prize!

In unrelated news I was perusing activities that Loren and Melissa might be able to do in New Orleans, while I’m at my conference, that are within walking distance of the hotel – there are several and my cousin/sister Lauren and one of my favorite friends Ashley (and her hubs) will be joining us for part of the adventure! While I was on the hotels site (making sure they have a pool…my kid is a fish!) I noticed the currently local weather. At 10:45 local time it was 95 degrees…it’s only June 7…oh boy.

Phone Conversation from Marriage.

Melissa: Hello?

Me: Hi babe, did you get my email about fun times in New Orleans?

Melissa: I see it…I haven’t opened it.

Me: Want to guess the current local temperature?

Melissa: umm…87?

Me: Higher

Melissa: 92?

Me: Higher

Melissa: I’m not going.

Me: Yes you are…I can’t believe it’s not even noon and it’s 95…they expect thunderstorms every day this week. I’m guessing it’ll be hotter in July.

Melissa: I’m changing mine and Loren’s ticket to somewhere…better.

Me: Good news, the hotel has a pool.

Melissa: Darcie, most hotels have pools.

I think she’s already irritated by the hot weather…LOL


Again, I’m not sure what happened last night – we were #10…and now we are #11 again…by one stinking vote 😦 Vote for me @ Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory


3 thoughts on “Hotter Than….

  1. Best news: the hotel (probably) has air conditioning, where you can (possibly) have a lovely VIEW of the pool from your nice, cool room.

  2. awe, so glad I found your blog. I have been contemplating starting a blog but was worried about the backlash because our family is like yours… two mommies and we have a 5 year old daughter. I read so many blogs, but I haven’t started writing one myself… but it’s going to happen soon. I want to keep our life story on file and I think blogging is a perfect way. Anyway, don’t want to blab too much, just wanted to say I was so happy to found a blog that I can FINALLY relate too!

    Jessica from Jacksonville, Fl

    • Hi Jessica –

      When we first started talking about having a baby I religiously read a blog (that no longer exists) – it gave me great comfort knowing that I was not alone!

      I’m glad you found us too – good luck with your blog!!


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