Potty Training – Take 1040285

Apparently we are trying potty training again.

Who starts potty training 4 weeks before they travel – these people do.

Yesterday she did ok – she went in her potty twice. Of course she also went in her high chair twice and once on Melissa.

The time she went on Melissa was apparently my fault. In my defense I hadn’t seen them all day and I forgot about the potty training thing and I distracted them en route to the toilet…my bad.

One of the high chair incidents was no ones faults. Loren looked like she needed to go, Melissa asked: “Do you need to go potty” and so she did. oops.

Lastly, Melissa sings Loren a song while she sits on the potty. It’s called – Tinkle Tinkle Little Potty…I’ll do my best to get a recording of that this week! 🙂

Yesterday – we made up to #10 on Top Mommy Blogs…and when I woke up this morning we were back to #11…apparently, a lot happens in the middle of the night.

My sister in law is up in arms (as up in arms as she can get…LOL), because the voting never ends and there is no prize for being on top.

I think the prize is being on top! Meaning enough people enjoy our little blog, are interested in our story and keep coming  back. I also think that because we are in the top 20, more people see us, more people read about us and more people know our little family is just like theirs – no prizes needed! I also like feeling popular! Hee hee!

All that being said…would you now click the banner and vote for this blog? 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Potty Training – Take 1040285

  1. Who was the insane person that started the potty training? Definatly should haved waited until after vacation. What a wast of time

  2. i have a three year old nephew who still cant do the potty bit. he will sit on the potty but never uses it. do you have a suggestion on how to break that first time hurdle… thank you

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